Youth Sports Heroes of the Month: Alex Norwood (Conyers, Ga.) and Schuyler LaRue (Maryville, Tenn.) + MORE

Youth Sports Heroes of the Month: Alex Norwood (Conyers, Ga.) and Schuyler LaRue (Maryville, Tenn.) + MORE
national flag football tournament 1497402850 770113896 Youth Sports Heroes of the Month: Alex Norwood (Conyers, Ga.) and Schuyler LaRue (Maryville, Tenn.) + MORE

When Will What We Know Change What We Do in Youth Sports? + MORE

“My daughter and I had to miss her grandfather’s funeral when she was 12 for a cheerleading competition.” I had to read that twice to be sure what I was reading. This was an actual comment we received recently on Facebook. We receive a lot of heartbreaking stories from readers, but this one se.... More »
kids football tournaments 1465641445 325092536 Youth Sports Heroes of the Month: Alex Norwood (Conyers, Ga.) and Schuyler LaRue (Maryville, Tenn.) + MORE

Novak Djokovic – Tennis Star and Goodwill Ambassador + MORE

When Novak Djokovic defeated Andy Murray and won his first French Open, he made history in the sport. He went on to claim a career Grand Slam. He became the first man after Rod Laver to be holding all the 4 major titles at the same time. This was his 12th overall Slam singles title and 6th tournamen.... More »
national flag football tournament 1438902106 1505863364 Youth Sports Heroes of the Month: Alex Norwood (Conyers, Ga.) and Schuyler LaRue (Maryville, Tenn.) + MORE

How to Make This the Best Year of Youth Sports EVER! + MORE

Are you pumped for another year of youth sports? Is your child excited about playing and having fun? I am very excited to share with you something that will help you and your child have an awesome year of sports! It’s a first-time opportunity that I’m very excited about! Here’s how.... More »

ACCOUNTABILITY WITH ATHLETES: Learning A Key Lesson from John Wooden

I asked Chris McCarthy, the highly-regarded and long-time Athletic Director at John Jay HS in Cross River, NY to come on my show this AM to talk about the issue of Accountability with HS student-athletes. I did this because of the ongoing controversy that was sparked by last week’s show about .... More »

Google it! What Coaches Can Learn from the Tech Giant About Building Teams

110-2. 24-0. Headed into the 2004 Olympic Games, the Men’s USA Basketball team was 110-2 all-time. They were 24-0 since the introduction of the 1992 “Dream Team”(NBA-era). The team consisted of current and future NBA stars. The best of the best. The greatest players from the greatest league in.... More »

As we head into the last month of the school year (at least for some of us), parents start asking each other, "Hey, what is your kid doing this summer? ("Translation for non-Texans: "What sports is your child playing this summer?")

As lots of sports parents know, summer does not always mean fun and hanging out by the swimming pool anymore…

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Lots of smarter people than I am have already chimed in with their thoughts and opinions about the racist comments from the Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling.
But from a sports parenting perspective, this is actually a golden opportunity to talk to your young athletes about the issue of racism. It’s a real teachable moment…

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May Basic Training: Get Fit


Wow! May Basic Training is here already. It doesn’t seem too long ago that we began this journey to become a better dad in 2014. But here we are ready to kick off May’s training. Congratulations on sticking around and adding new habits each month. If you are new to All Pro Dad Basic Training, click here to catch up…

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Sixteen-year-old Atlanta-area first baseman Alex Norwood hit a dramatic grand slam in a winning cause on March 21, but his truly game-changing hit was none that never appeared on the scoreboard.

In a junior varsity game at Newtown High, the Rockdale County High junior came through in the clutch in a way that mattered even more when, between the second and third innings, home plate umpire Woody Reagin suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed…

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Rick Reilly has announced he’s giving up his ESPN column in June, but he published a piece last week that reads like a valedictory.
I confess I’m not a fan of Reilly, who I find is often sentimental, lazy and out of touch. Even in this piece, he refers to “my five decades of sports writing…

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