Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Deven Jackson (Shermans Dale, Pa.) + MORE

Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Deven Jackson (Shermans Dale, Pa.) + MORE
national flag football tournament 1531799176 2065652348 Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Deven Jackson (Shermans Dale, Pa.) + MORE

The Game When My Son Struck out 3 Times, and What I Learned + MORE

There are moments in a sports parent’s life that are embedded in your heart and memory so deeply that they will always move you when you think of them. One of those moments for me was when my 4th-grade son–who is now 28–struck out three times in a playoff little league game. As the.... More »
national flag football tournament 1447223638 133717411 Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Deven Jackson (Shermans Dale, Pa.) + MORE

Yes, Sometimes You Really Should See A Doctor + MORE

By Dev Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Very broadly speaking, see a physician if you have a nagging physical ailment that you’re just not sure about For acute injuries on the field of play there are so.... More »

DANGERS OF CONCUSSIONS: New Study Suggests More Concussions in Girls Soccer than in HS Football

There was a recent study published headlined by a medical professor at Northwestern University who says that girls who play HS soccer suffer a much higher incidence of concussions than boys do – even those boys who play HS football. As you might imagine, I was somewhat stunned by this. After all, .... More »
kids football tournaments 1439951442 1170114355 Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Deven Jackson (Shermans Dale, Pa.) + MORE

Why should you care about sports science? + MORE

By John Cone, PhD, CSCS Founder and President, FitFor90 Key Points: At Sideline Sports Doc, we try whenever possible to use an “evidence based” approach to youth sports health and this week we feature an article by John Cone, who uses scientific evidence to support his athlete training and reco.... More »

Weighing in on Michigan Situation


If you follow college football or listen to sports radio there is a good chance that you have been exposed to the story of Michigan quarterback, Shane Morris, and the apparent failure to keep him from the field after sustaining a head injury.  The official story from the University is that it was a communication […]

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By Steve Kallas
So, what do we take away from the brilliant career of Derek Jeter as it relates to youth sports?  Well, here are a couple of quotes from Jeter’s Yankee Stadium press conference before his final home game on Thursday, September 25, 2014…

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Anger in sports is a problem in every league. In this podcasting episode I have asked Ray Lokar Lokar of Basketball4ALL to discuss specific ways that coaches and parents can help athletes deal with their anger in competition. Basketball4ALL provides lessons, camps, clinics, competitions, and events for the Southern California basketball community…

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The effects of porn on marriage are widespread and devastating. Researcher Patrick Fagan, Ph.D. completed a major study of pornography and called it a “quiet family killer.” His study found that 56% of divorces had one partner with an obsessive interest in porn.
On average, 40 million Americans regularly view porn, and the overwhelming majority are men…

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junior football tournaments 1412209553 1087621395 Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Deven Jackson (Shermans Dale, Pa.) + MOREIn the city of BBQ, fountains and friendly people (and overall “coolness factor“), the Kansas City Royals hosted the Oakland A’s for a winner-take-all AL Wild Card game. For folks at the stadium, watching on TV or listening on the radio, the game turned out to be one they’ll remember for a long time…

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About three million youngsters will play youth football in the United States this fall.  Only one received sustained media coverage last month, and it was 10-year-old Deven Jackson, who took the field with the West Perry Midget Football Mustangs after a two-year absence from the gridiron.

In 2012, Deven was struck with meningitis…

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When it comes to convenient, affordable and nutritious foods, eggs deliver the perfect package.

Eggs play a significant role in mind and body energy, weight management, muscle strength, brain function, eye health and more! Whip up an individual microwave scramble in no time, or prepare the perfect hard-boiled eggs – either way you can’t go wrong…

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youth sports 1412209549 19164665 Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Deven Jackson (Shermans Dale, Pa.) + MORESports parents, you need to worry about bullies in youth sports.
Because bullies permeate the youth sports scene, and kids don’t like to talk about being bullied…
Athletes are embarrassed – and often won’t tell their parents, coaches or friends that they’re being harassed, intimidated, excluded from social groups, or even physically harmed…

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Mathew Ingram of GigaOM could have included Bleacher Report as an example in this recent piece about how successful digital media outlets like Gawker, Buzzfeed and Quartz think about news as a service, rather than as something they create and then distribute to a waiting audience.
With or without B/R, the piece is excellent, and worth reading…

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