Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Derek Herber (N. Attleboro, Mass.) + MORE

Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Derek Herber (N. Attleboro, Mass.) + MORE
junior football tournaments 1504635250 1733882120 Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Derek Herber (N. Attleboro, Mass.) + MORE

How to Stop Procrastinating? Draw on Your Personal Strengths!

Parents who would like to help their children learn how to stop procrastinating and start achieving their greatest goals are invited to share this article with them, and chat about it, too. It’s written to help children and teens understand and manage their avoidance behaviors. Hopefully it will .... More »
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MomsTEAM Institute's Screening Of Sony Pictures' Concussion Movie Ends Year On High Note, But More Work To Be Done + MORE

  On December 21, 2015, MomsTeam Institute of Youth Sports Safety held a special advance screening of Sony Pictures's new movie, Concussion, starring Will Smith, at the Loews - Boston Common theatre. Joining me at the screening and a post-screening reception at the Ritz-Carlton were concu.... More »

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Three Little Words to Diffuse Your Next Power Struggle + MORE

Power struggles and back talk issues? I hear ya! In fact, “I hear ya” is a phrase I encourage you to try the next time your child complains about doing homework, washing the dishes, taking a bath, or – whatever the complaint department problem is at the moment. “I hear ya” is a great way .... More »

Getting Recruited: What College Coaches Want You to Know About Your Child and College Sports + MORE

This post on Getting Recruited is Part 6 of a 6-part series What Your Child’s Sports Coach Wants You to Know, sponsored by TeamSnap, a company that does its very best to give parents, coaches, and teams a tool that will facilitate clear and consistent communication.    For many young athl.... More »

It was the ideal ending to a 17-year coaching career, the sort of final curtain call that coaches imagine as their tenure winds down. In the Massachusetts Division 2 boys track and field championships in New Bedford on June 1, North Attleboro High School earned one point in the 4 x 400 relay, the day’s final event…

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Third of three parts. Read Part 1 and Part 2.
I’ve talked about using your offseason to improve your sportswriting skills by reading everything and taking an online course. Today, one more piece of advice:
Learn a new skill on your own
Maybe you’ve given it a chance and the classroom just isn’t for you, and that’s OK too…

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Across the country, private sports coaching is on the rise.
Athletes and parents have realized just how affordable and accessible one-on-one sports instruction is.  From young athletes to adult exercisers, athletes are escaping the mark-ups of gyms and camps by shifting their training regime from group instruction to personalized and customized coaching…

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Words Your Kids Need to Hear


Take a minute and think about the words you’ve been saying to your kids lately. Are they building them up or tearing them down? Encouraging and validating their identity or lowering their self-esteem? In his book, Words Kids Need to Hear, David Staal shares seven statements you need to make a routine of saying to your kids…

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