Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Bram Miller (Falkville, Ala.) + MORE

Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Bram Miller (Falkville, Ala.) + MORE
 1455476711 1723780928 Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Bram Miller (Falkville, Ala.) + MORE

3 Strategies for Parenting Competitive Twins (Or Siblings Close in Age) + MORE

Twins… double the love, the fun, and the joy! But sometimes twins can be double the trouble – or at least that’s how it feels when sibling competition kicks into high gear and you’re trying to manage the chaos in “stereo.” And it’s not just twins. Parents with siblings close in a.... More »

Ready For Primetime

This post is a continuation of the ongoing in the wild review of the Vector Mouthguard System. You can see the previous posts about what I have experienced to this point by clicking on the hot links. As always if you have questions please comment, email or tweet I will do my best to answer. [….... More »
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Hip Pointers

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: The term “hip pointer” refers to a bruise of the muscles and soft tissue attachments to the top of the pelvis bone, near the area where your shorts or pants .... More »

Life Lessons for Coaches — We Too Can Learn Them! + MORE

Thanks to our guest blogger Helen Williams for this article. Athletics is a great teaching tool; for coaches as well as their players. Sometimes we coaches forget that it’s as important for us to learn from our experiences as it is to help our players grow. I learned several things as a head c.... More »
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Sports Parents: Do Your Kids Want Your Approval?

Pressure And Social Approval Often, young athletes worry too much about what teammates, parents, coaches and friends think about how they’re performing on the court, field or course. When they seek others’ approval of their performance and abilities, and then don’t do well, they can feel inad.... More »
White House Concussions Summit Urges Action
By Doug Abrams
“We want our kids participating in sports,” says President Obama. “As parents, though, we want to keep them safe, and that means we have to have better information.” The President spoke as he opened the first White House Healthy Kids & Safe Sports Concussions Summit last Thursday, May 29…

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youth flag football tournaments 1401798149 1934998705 Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Bram Miller (Falkville, Ala.) + MOREAs a newly minted member of the CoachUp Athlete Advisory Council, Philadelphia 76ers center Nerlens Noel spent two days with CoachUp for his video shoot. We traveled to a few of Noel’s old hangouts including the Everett Recreation Center, Kipo’s Pizza, Lou Diamond’s Barber Shop, and his childhood home

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When Falkville High School’s Bram Miller received his gold medal for winning the Class 1A state high jump title on May 2, the public address announcer told everyone in Selma Memorial Stadium that the sophomore had set a state record by clearing 6 feet, 8 inches.

The state title alone was quite an accomplishment because Bram had practiced with the track team full-time for only two weeks since finishing the spring JV baseball season…

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The 1983 Philadelphia 76ers were one of the greatest basketball teams in history.  In an era that included two dynasties, the Lakers and Celtics, it was the 76ers that boasted the best record that year.  As the playoffs began, the 76ers MVP center Moses Malone made a bold prediction, “Fo’, fo’, fo’”…

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Conor Friedersdorf of the Atlantic is good at finding good writing. He runs the Best of Journalism E-mail Newsletter, with which you get two emails a week highlighting exceptional nonfiction for $1.99 a month.
Last month Friedersdorf published his annual “Best Of Journalism Awards,” which is to say a list of, as the headline says, Slightly More Than 100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism…

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Confidence and young athletes


Maintaining confidence can be an elusive thing for the very best professional athletes.  So it’s no wonder that many young athletes need support when it comes to their own development in this area.Even highly paid professional athletes go through times when their confidence is quite fragile.  A “goal scorer” who doesn’t score for a few games, a baseball player who goes a few games without a hit and suddenly, they start questioning what they’re doing, even wondering if they’ve “lost it”…

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