Youth Sports Burnout Due To Overbearing Parents + MORE

Youth Sports Burnout Due To Overbearing Parents + MORE
 Youth Sports Burnout Due To Overbearing Parents + MORE

The Parents’ Guide to the X-Plan: How to Hold Up Your End of the Bargain + MORE

You may have seen a recent post by a dad, Bert Fulks entitled X-Plan: Giving Your Kids a Way Out.  The article recently went viral, and for good reason. In it, Bert shared a powerful strategy that helped his children safely remove themselves from situations that were dangerous or uncomfortable.... More »
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6 Essential Tools to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety + MORE

A Guest Post from Julie Sams, MA, LPC Anxiety stems from your child’s reaction to stress, and according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America affects one in every 8th child.  From the child who is deeply afraid of bees to the child who will not leave their home out of fear, anxiet.... More »

19 Ways You Can Help Your Child’s Youth Sports Team

Helping your child’s youth sports team is important for you, your child, and your child’s team. We tell our kids over and over that in order to win they must work together as a team. A great way for you to show them how this works is by working with other parents on the team...Read .... More »

5 Ways to Find Joy as a Sports Parent + MORE

Do you find that your days are flying by all too quickly because you’re so busy? When this happens it’s easy to forget to “smell the roses” along the way. Parents are especially susceptible to this because raising kids is probably the most demanding job ever. Who even has the.... More »
 1444768501 156548745 Youth Sports Burnout Due To Overbearing Parents + MOREBy Dev Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

A recent scientific article suggests that single sport specialization in young athletes increases injury risk, regardless of the number of hours played- this is a new and important finding
The risk of injury increases considerably if the young athlete plays a single sport for more than 8 months out of the year, or more than 16 hours per week
Some highly technical sport movements also increase the risk of injury, such as baseball pitching, the tennis kick serve, or technically repetitive sports such as gymnastics, dance, swimming, and diving
If a young athlete does choose single sport specialization it would be wise to limit participation to a maximum of 8 months out of the year and 16 hours per week

This week I’d like to point you to a recent publication of an interesting scientific article about Sport Specialization, published in the journal Sports Health…

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On October 10th, Huffington Post posted an article that helped summarize the findings of Dr. Chris Stankovich, a sports psychologist, who is focused on youth sports and their effects on the development of children. There is an exceptionally interesting keyword at the crux of the research: burnout. This topic is an important issue for us at CoachUp, and the article’s highlights are absolute must-reads for anybody that has a child in youth sports today…

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 How Narrowing the Gender Gap in Youth League Coaching Would Serve the Players
 By Doug Abrams
 Late last month, the Bergen Record and carried two articles about the under-representation of women in youth league coaching ranks nationwide. The University of Minnesota’s Nicole LaVoi estimates that women coach only about 10% of boys’ teams, and barely a higher percentage of girls’ teams…

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The One Quality Great Teammates Have in Common


“Coach, can I talk to you?” “Sure,” I said. “What’s on your mind today Michael?” “Well, I just want to know what I can do so I get to start more games and get more playing time as a center midfielder. I don’t think I am showing my best as a winger, and my parents […]

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