Your Runner’s High Is Now Scientifically Proven! + MORE

Your Runner’s High Is Now Scientifically Proven! + MORE
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Help Your Kids Avoid Sports Drop Out + MORE

How Parents Can Help Kids Stay in Sports More then 70 percent of children drop out of organized sports by the time they are 15. As sports parents, it’s up to you to try to keep sports as fun and stress-free as possible to avoid having kids drop out. The number one reason your kids will quit sport.... More »

Could Rats Help Discover the Healthiest Form of Exercise?

A new study published in the Journal of Physiology and then written about by The New York Times is making waves for its intriguing look at the human mind and exercise. In which, the researchers injected a group of male rats with a substance that helps understand the effects of exercise on the brai.... More »

A Great Way to Show Your Team Spirit! + MORE

Here’s a great way to show your team spirit! My husband is a business owner by day and a coach by night and one way he shows support for his team is by hanging a team flag in his shop. The locals coming in know that he is a supporter of their beloved Cowboys! I...Read More   &#.... More »
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How to Stop Procrastinating? Draw on Your Personal Strengths!

Parents who would like to help their children learn how to stop procrastinating and start achieving their greatest goals are invited to share this article with them, and chat about it, too. It’s written to help children and teens understand and manage their avoidance behaviors. Hopefully it will .... More »

Intel, X Games team up to advance sports technology

Intel, X Games team up to advance sports technology This is a month old, but we’re willing to bet that many of our readers out there missed the incredible sports technology update. For last month’s X Games, they teamed up with Intel to place chips on the competitor’s snowboards. To.... More »
flag football tournaments 1440124489 1954065264 Your Runner’s High Is Now Scientifically Proven! + MOREWith fall sports seasons gearing up into full swing, we wanted to alert you to some of the tools that can help out sports team parents, booster clubs, team captains and coaches. Helping to organize and manage a a sport at any level, requires some work and patience. We’ve attempted to make things easier for you with a set of resources that you can tap into for everything from slogan ideas for a team sweat shirt to practice plans and award certificates…

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youth flag football tournaments 1440124486 534021870 Your Runner’s High Is Now Scientifically Proven! + MOREIn “Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers your sports psychology and mental training questions about gaining confidence in sports. Visit and click on contact us to submit your question for Dr. Cohn to answer in his mental game videocast or podcast.
Here’s the question Dr…

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Finally, there is an answer to the long-discussed runner’s high and the impending euphoria that goes with it — and its name is irisin. This hormone is directly released into the bloodstream, which is often why athletes may feel strong and invincible during or just following any intense workout, run, or game…

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national youth football tournaments 1440124487 163428879 Your Runner’s High Is Now Scientifically Proven! + MORE“I can’t make three-pointers.”
“I can’t keep that big guy from scoring.”
“I can’t score goals with my left foot.”
“I can’t” statements hurt kids’ confidence. This is called negative thinking, and it’s a mental game no-no. Lots of kids embrace this kind of thinking when they’re playing sports…

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