Young Japanese Woman Breaks Into Australian Rugby + MORE

Young Japanese Woman Breaks Into Australian Rugby + MORE

5 Things You Need to Let Go of as a Sports Parent in 2016 + MORE

It’s 2016–a new year with new seasons, new coaches, and new challenges as a sports parent. And if you are to keep the positive in your child’s youth sports experience, here are 5 things you absolutely must let go: Other people’s opinions of you If you are a parent who doesn&#.... More »
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Encouraging Words for Kids That Ignite Self-Discovery and Growth + MORE

Have you ever stopped to think how words of encouragement for kids help them thrive in school and life?  Positive words from parents, teachers, and mentors are a rich source of internal motivation and guidance to children and teens. Often, kids recall your words inside themselves for many years. At.... More »

When To Evacuate in Youth Sports

Please forgive me if I have the word evacuate on my mind; I’ve been hearing it a lot lately here in Southwest Florida. When to evacuate has been a huge topic of discussion ever since we got wind of Hurricane Irma’s coming. Did you evacuate?  Where did you evacuate to?  How long were yo.... More »
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NFL Wildcard Weekend + CoachUp Contest! + MORE

One of the best weekends of the entire year is upon us, CoachUp friends — the NFL Wildcard Round! While the favorites like the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers are taking a much needed week to regroup, eight teams will face-off starting tomorrow for the right to move on towards etern.... More »

How Sports Parents Can Up Their Game + MORE

Sports parents, are you teachable? Are you willing to keep learning about how to be a better parent or do you think you’ve got it all figured out and don’t need any improvement? Most parents would probably say they could use some help, but when it comes to sports parents, it seems like m.... More »

Put the HAPPY Back in Your Holidays


 1450296281 1473672583 Young Japanese Woman Breaks Into Australian Rugby + MORETips for More Joyful Parenting This Season
For some parents, this season is merry and bright. For others, it’s like the “Santa gone wrong” photo with kids screaming and Santa looking like he needs a serious vacation.  If your holiday is starting to look more like the second scenario, take heed; there are tips and tricks for keeping your wits about you and having lots of fun throughout the holiday season…

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Another day, another coach spotlight! This week we hung out with Coach Justin from Falls Church, Virginia! At this point, you know the drill: if you’re lucky enough to live near Coach Justin, feel free to shoot him a message, chat him up, maybe even book him as well. Otherwise, every interview we do with […] The post Coach Spotlight Series: Justin Diggs appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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national youth football championships 1450296268 1396665395 Young Japanese Woman Breaks Into Australian Rugby + MOREBy Dev Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

US Soccer recently recommended several changes to rules about heading the ball for younger age groups, designed to decrease the risk of concussion
I’d encourage you to view the following video segment from San Francisco television station KTVU in which Mike Woitalla presents an excellent, balanced perspective on reasons to support US Soccer’s changes

This week’s post is a little bit “holiday light” as I’d like to point you to an excellent video segment from San Francisco’s station KTVU…

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youth sports 1450296270 959046014 Young Japanese Woman Breaks Into Australian Rugby + MORERugby is one of the most important and most followed sports in Australia. But for a young Japanese woman to make an inspirational career in rugby is something unheard of. This is the story of Ayane Hirata, who has gone on to inspire so many Japanese women that there are so many who are following on her footsteps…

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Listen, we need to have an honest and truthful conversation about kicking field goals — they’re not easy and you can either win or lose the game on a single kick. Undoubtedly, these are incredibly high pressure situations, but for those with nerves of steel, kicker may just be the right position for you…

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What does it take? What does it take to get from where you are to where you want to be? Where does grit and determination translate into success and when will those long hours working finally pay off? It’s the journey. The progress. The earned gratification. It takes the #CoachUpWay. Every day, athletes work towards their own victories with coaches, […] The post Get Your Story Reposted by Stephen Curry — Here’s How appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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