Young Athletes Who Suffer From Pregame Jitters Podcast

Young Athletes Who Suffer From Pregame Jitters Podcast
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How to Stop Procrastinating? Draw on Your Personal Strengths!

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SPECIALIZATION CONCERNS: Why Does This Trend Continue When the Best Athletes Don’t Specialize?

A recent study by the prestigious American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons came up with two conclusions that sports parents ought to keep in mind. The problem is….they seem to contradict the other. Specifically, the Academy said that a recent survey found that 45% of all current HS athletes special.... More »

ACCOUNTABILITY: HS Athletes Who Put Integrity Ahead of Winning + MORE

“When No One Is Watching”: Two Stories of High School Athletes’ Integrity By Doug Abrams With national and international crises and discord dominating the news these days, it takes something special for a youth sports story to reach a major metropolitan newspaper’s editorial page. On June 2,.... More »
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How to Get Kids Mentally Ready For Competing + MORE

Mental Preparation For Young Athletes A parent asks: “My child doesn’t seem as mentally ready as some of the other kids in his league. I need concrete ideas on what to say and do to help my child prepare for competition.” “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”.... More »

How Sports Parents Can Up Their Game + MORE

Sports parents, are you teachable? Are you willing to keep learning about how to be a better parent or do you think you’ve got it all figured out and don’t need any improvement? Most parents would probably say they could use some help, but when it comes to sports parents, it seems like m.... More »
 1483605902 456047486 Young Athletes Who Suffer From Pregame Jitters PodcastPregame Jitters in Young Athletes
Do your kids interpret pregame jitters as something is wrong with them before they compete?
Often, the pregame jitters can help kids focus better and boost their energy just before a game.
However, those butterflies and sweaty palms are more than just jitters; they’re actually performance anxiety…

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