You know what would bite? Not reading Wright Thompson’s Luis Suarez profile + MORE

You know what would bite? Not reading Wright Thompson’s Luis Suarez profile + MORE
youth football tournaments 1405644881 1875806561 You know what would bite? Not reading Wright Thompson’s Luis Suarez profile + MORE

Filed Claim: Arland Bruce III v. CFL Entities + MORE

The Filed Claim in its entirety can be found HERE. You will notice the very wide scope and various Defendants.  Certainly it will have to go through the process up in Canada however, it will definitely get some attention: Like this from The Toronto Sun. Or this from Twitter: The @concussionblog re.... More »

October’s Positive Youth Sports Award Goes to…. + MORE

October’s Positive Youth Sports Award goes to Sherry Connor, from Charlotte, North Carolina.   Sherry has been coaching for six years and presently coaches high school and club volleyball. Sherry is described as:   An amazing coach, and an amazing person. She cares about each of her.... More »

WWE John Cena is a Make-A-Wish Legend + MORE

John Cena is known as one of the two greatest WWE athletes of all times. With 25 championships and 16 world champion reigns, there is only one more player in the spot who has equaled his feat. He has been more than a wrestler, a movie star, a rapper and a reality show host. He […] The post WWE.... More »

The Great Trophy Debate: Do We Need Participation Awards? + MORE

“Daddy, do we get trophies for playing lacrosse this spring?” my son asked me a few months back. “No, you get to go out and run around and have lots of fun while learning lacrosse,” I said. “OK!” Then he turned and ran out on the field for the start of his first practice. According [...].... More »
Summer is here! Which means fun in the sun, longer days, and no school for your kids. Wait, no school for your kids? Kids at home all day long, and daylight until well after 9pm. This could pose some challenges for your productivity, and sleep.
While your kids sleep in, you still have to wake up early to be at work…

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I have been coaching my kids for almost 10 years now. I started by coaching my daughter, then as my sons grew to the age where they could play sports I began coaching them. It’s been a great experience, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.
I’ve thought about, and wrote about, what it’s like coaching my kids…

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Dr. Louis D’Aquila has crafted a fine cautionary tale entitled, DADDY, IT”S ONLY A GAME.
The plot line centers on a very talented HS soccer player named Jennifer who, at the end of a heated HS game, is the innocent victim of a vicious punch from an opposing player during the traditional post-game handshake line-up…

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Two quick notes in the wake of Luis Suarez biting Giorgio Chiellini in Uruguay’s win over Italy Tuesday: First, the memes have been disappointing. Come on, internet.
Second, if you hadn’t already read Wright Thompson’s May 14 ESPN the Magazine piece Portrait of a Serial Winner, now would be a good time…

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