Yoga and Youth Sports: A Winning Combination + MORE

Yoga and Youth Sports: A Winning Combination + MORE

What Olympic Parents Want to Tell Sports Parents

Every two years, we are in awe of Olympians and inevitably, we meet some Olympic parents and hear their stories of sacrifice and support. There was a time, however, when those Olympic parents were sports parents much like you are. I doubt that most of them really grasped that someday their children .... More »

Can a Woman play in the NFL?

There can be no saying whether the founders of the National Football League ever thought of women playing in the league. Since its inception, the NFL has been an all-men’s affair on the player’s side. That could change in the near future. Becca Longo of Arizona is the first female to have re.... More »

SOCIAL MEDIA CONCERNS: The Inherent Dangers of Social Media for Young Athletes

Tom Pincince is a long-time assistant director of athletics at Central Connecticut State University. A former three-sport athlete and college football player, he has been involved in sports for much of his life. But along the way – especially because he has three young daughters 0  he has qui.... More »

ABUSIVE SPORTS PARENTS: More on the Alarming Exodus of Game Officials, Refs, and Umpires

Following up on Doug Abram’s excellent column from earlier this week, the simple question is: what happens if we can’t find enough refs to work our kid’s games? Mind you, this was never really a concern a generation ago….why? Because back in the day, you never heard about refs, or um.... More »

New Coach, Teacher, Friends, School? 5 Steps to Helping Your Child Handle Change + MORE

This post is sponsored by TeamSnap, a company that does its very best to make back-to-school sports as easy as possible by providing the best tools to help teams and parents run their organizations smoothly. As a new school year gets under way, your child may have to handle change in more than one .... More »
Going for Gold: Former Olympians Share Tips for Success As Olympic competition came to a close in Rio last night, CoachUp connected with their network of former Olympians for to discuss training regimens, how to stay mindful before competing, and how to handle the recovery period. Check out the tips below from Carolyn Moos, Eddie […] The post Going for Gold: Former Olympians Share Tips for Success appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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national youth football tournaments 1471956099 1496342661 Yoga and Youth Sports: A Winning Combination + MOREYoga and youth sports is not a connection that youth sports parents and coaches always make. While yoga has become increasingly popular, not as many coaches have instilled yoga practices into their sports’ practices. As of 2015, about 10% of adults participated in yoga, but only about 3% of kids…

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youth flag football tournaments 1471956098 1102404122 Yoga and Youth Sports: A Winning Combination + MOREHave you ever had Mexican style sweet corn? If not, you’re in for a treat.
In this new Sports Feel Good Stories feature, we’re going to be sharing some great food items and dishes that sports fans enjoy while watching games. Great tasting sweet corn and football season intersects predominantly in pre-season and early season games, so act quickly if this seems appealing…

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