Writing about unfamiliar sports improves your chops—if you do it right + MORE

Writing about unfamiliar sports improves your chops—if you do it right + MORE
flag football tournament 1489128237 1386976530 Writing about unfamiliar sports improves your chops—if you do it right + MORE

The Minnesota Wild and The State of Hockey + MORE

The Minnesota Wild, despite having played in the NHL for only 17 seasons, are connected to their fan base. Other professional sports organizations, with much longer histories, don’t enjoy the same type of relationships. This year’s team is trying to fight off archrival Chicago Blackhawks for.... More »

ABUSIVE COACHES: The Ongoing Issue of Entitlement with Volunteer Coaches + MORE

Entitlement is another one of those relatively new concepts in youth sports that really didn’t exist when most of today’s sports parents were growing up. Like the concept of travel teams, or burnout, or repetitive use injuries, coaching entitlement is one of those  issues that has sprung up.... More »

SPORTSMANSHIP: When Things Start to Get Ugly at High School Sports…. + MORE

A Role for High School Athletes When Fans Resort to Slurs and Vulgarity By Doug Abrams Last Friday night, Catholic Memorial School downed Newton North High School, 77-73, in a hard-fought Massachusetts basketball division title matchup at Newton North High School. Catholic Memorial is an all-boys p.... More »

CONCUSSION PREVENTION: New Protective Catcher Helmet is Finding Support

First, an important disclaimer. Let me just say that this is not a commercial endorsement. Askcoachwolff.com does not receive any compensation from Force3 Pro Gear, nor do we have any relationship with the company. That being said, if your son or daughter plays baseball or softball, and is a catcher.... More »

Here’s How You Can Help Your Athlete Handle Sports Anger

If your child gets angry when playing sports, you’re not alone. I’d guess that most athletes do at one time or another. Your goal, as a sports parent should not necessarily be to expect your child to never get angry, but rather help them handle the anger…      .... More »
flag football tournament 1399697468 984451689 Writing about unfamiliar sports improves your chops—if you do it right + MOREI’ve written about a lot of sports at Bleacher Report and the University of Washington student newspaper. But one sport I had no experience with prior to joining the Advanced Program in Sports Media was soccer.
Sure, I watch the Champions League and try to catch the tail end of English Premier League games bright and early on Saturday mornings…

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Nutrition plays a huge role in how strong your child’s teeth and bones form. You can help your kids develop and grow by encouraging healthy foods in their diet. The right foods can help teeth and enamel stay strong and healthy. Here are some common foods that can help with your children’s oral health…

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When I was seven, I remember my dad coming home from work in the middle of the afternoon.  He changed his clothes quickly.  Then he told me why he was home.  We were going to my first major league baseball game.
I’ll never forget it.  The pure size of the stadium had me in awe.  It was like the scene in Gladiator when they see the Coliseum for the first time…

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