World Cup Inspiration – Nico Calabria’s Story + MORE

World Cup Inspiration – Nico Calabria’s Story + MORE
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How Low Self-Confidence Hurts Sports Kids + MORE

Identifying Focus Issues in Young Athletes A sports parent writes: “My child gets fouled a lot, when the referee fails to make a call, or when it builds through a game, he sometimes loses control. This is usually anger boiling over. Also, when an opposing player talks to him (taunts) he can.... More »
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Childhood Trauma: How Adults Can Foster Healing and Resilience + MORE

Childhood trauma often occurs from distressing events or relationships that exceed a young person’s ability to understand or process a traumatic experience. Most of us link trauma with tragedies like mass shootings, rape, accidents, war, or natural disasters. But childhood trauma is also associate.... More »

8 Reasons that Sports Parents Need a Coach

Everyone can use a good coach. Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen. Pete Carrol, head coach Seattle Seahawks. I love that this .... More »
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Remembering the Washington Post’s Ben Bradlee, a giant of American journalism + MORE

Ben Bradlee, editor of the Washington Post from 1965 to 1991, died this week at the age of 93. Whenever journalism giants die, there are lots of stories around about their lives and careers. I usually find it fruitful to read as many of them as I can find. Bradlee, familiar to non-Beltway insiders .... More »

3 Obstacles to Your Athlete’s Success This Season

Your athlete’s success will face a lot of challenges. Youth sports is full of challenges, there is no doubt about that. You’ve seen your child face playing time battles, coaching conflicts, teammate clashes, and performance slumps. And these are without a doubt big hurdles for your young.... More »
Fitness Tip: Dumbbell Lunges

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I know it is said everywhere, but it is the truth! Muscles can create a healthier you. Muscles burn more calories faster than fat does and help to reduce your overall body fat. Fitness is about getting in shape, but for more than appearances; having muscles and reducing body fat, makes everyday life easier because it leads to a stronger and more energized you…

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Do you ever get tired of reading yet-another headline about The 10 Best Super Sports Foods, only be instructed to buy exotic fruits, ancient grains, and other unusual items? Do we really need chia, spelt, and quinoa? Is anything wrong with old-fashioned peanut butter, broccoli and brown rice? Doubtful!
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Parents often have a hard time understanding the extent and
breadth of youth sports that their kids are involved with. As the child
progresses the parents get advice from other parents, coaches and sport
organizations. At some point most parents’ start questioning the information
and seek answers elsewhere…

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youth football tournaments 1402761091 1697888267 World Cup Inspiration – Nico Calabria’s Story + MOREWith Brazil’s win over Croatia, the 2014 World Cup is off and running. The Beautiful Game and all its excitement will be on full display for football fans around the world for the next few weeks. For many young players, watching the best players of the game will undoubtedly spark aspirations to play at the highest levels…

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