Will We Need To Rethink Tackle Football For 12-Year-Olds? + MORE

Will We Need To Rethink Tackle Football For 12-Year-Olds? + MORE

Head Games: Athletes and Their Body Images + MORE

To listen to this new podcast series, click on the above arrow. Welcome to Week 3 of Head Games! The mental game of youth sports is key to your child’s success and this week we focus on Athletes and Their Body Images. My co-host for the series is Diane Munoz, counselor, blogger, and recoverin.... More »
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Mental Blocks in Youth Sports: When Kids Tank

Do Young Athletes Have Mental Blocks? A sports parent says: “I have a 12-year-old son who is having major mental blocks as it comes to baseball. He feels the pressure to live up to the hype of making it to the World Series. His pitching has improved tremendously however in today’s game he w.... More »
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Turf Toe Injuries

By Amol Saxena, DPM Podiatric Surgeon, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Palo Alto California Consulting Physician, USA Track and Field   The term “Turf toe” originally was used to describe injuries of the big toe joint sustained by American football players on artificial turf in the 1970s. The.... More »

How to Be Sure Your Child’s Youth Sports Coach is Really Listening to You

How did your child’s youth sports coach respond the last time you went to him or her with a problem? Coaches may nod their heads and smile, but there’s always a chance that they are only hearing you, and not really listening. Coaches hear every parent that confronts them, but there is a .... More »

ABUSIVE SPORTS PARENTS: Why Are So Many HS Coaches Quitting? A National Epidemic

We have known for some years now that sports parents have become an increasing issue for HS coaches as Moms and Dads often intervene or meddle with the coaches upon behalf of their youngster. Coaches would often remark to each other that the “best kids to coach were those who were orphans. But.... More »
national youth football tournaments 1422979084 1955970320 Will We Need To Rethink Tackle Football For 12 Year Olds? + MORENo one likes to lose. But everyone has to do it now and then, some more than others. Losing is simply part of life. Set the example by showing your kids how it’s done, and hopefully they will follow your lead.

Thank the coaches and refs for their work. The game’s outcome doesn’t matter; the refs and coaches did their job and gave their best effort…

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What happens when coaches are the ones who cause the drama? They quit, or one gets fired, or they fight within themselves? I talk on this week’s video on the best way for you to handle that.     It’s coming February 18! Are you Signed Up? Are You Frustrated with the Politics of Youth…

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kids football tournaments 1422979078 2007787172 Will We Need To Rethink Tackle Football For 12 Year Olds? + MOREBy Dev Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

A recently published scientific study showed that retired NFL players who started playing tackle football before age 12 scored substantially worse on tests of brain function than other players who started after age 12
Both groups scored worse than the average person
This study is important because it does not focus on concussion, it looks at the age at which the player started taking day to day contact in football

A scientific article was published on January 28, 2015 in the journal Neurology that will add to our discussion about the appropriate age to introduce tackling in youth football…

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The American Society of Magazine Editors and Columbia Journalism School handed out the National Magazine Awards Monday night in New York.
As with any awards, it’s hardly a slam dunk that the winners were the most deserving. But it’s a good bet that the winners make up a reading list of top-notch magazine writing…

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