Why Youth Sports Leagues Should NOT Rely on FBI Fingerprint Checks Alone + MORE

Why Youth Sports Leagues Should NOT Rely on FBI Fingerprint Checks Alone + MORE

SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY: Today’s Appearance on The NFL Network + MORE

Just FYI…..many of you know me for my work in the field of sports parenting. But long before I became involved in this area, I did my undergraduate and graduate work in psychology. And I specialized in sports psychology which, back when I was in college, was pretty much an unknown and uncharte.... More »

SPORTS PARENTING TRENDS: Revisiting the Most Pressing Issues in Youth and Amateur Sports + MORE

Back in June of this year, I did a Sports Edge show in which I asked a fairly simple question about youth sports. And the response was so overwhelming that I promised myself that I would come back to revisit the topic soon. And today is that day. What was that question? What do you think is the bigg.... More »

LEGAL CONCERNS: Residency Rules in School Districts Need to be Crystal Clear + MORE

What in the world is going on with the Wayne Hills HS football program over in NJ? For those of you in NJ who already follow HS football, chances are you already know the story. But for everyone else, let me see if I can summarize this briefly. The Wayne Hills football team — which is a large .... More »

DANGERS OF THROWING CURVE BALLS: An Interview with Jeff Passan, Best-selling Author of THE ARM + MORE

Over the years, I have received lots of requests from my WFAN listeners regarding booking guests for this show, but I have to admit, I received more requests for a book called THE ARM than for any other author. THE ARM, which is subtitled Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commod.... More »
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How to Help Athletes Who Stop Trying or Give Up

Is Your Young Athlete a Perfectionist? A young athlete asks: “I’m 14 years old and have been playing tennis since I was 5. But 2 years ago I started to go to an academy. And at the same time I started to play tournaments. One of my coaches calls me a bull because I’m always so stu.... More »
national youth football championships 1455123905 1065540274 Why Youth Sports Leagues Should NOT Rely on FBI Fingerprint Checks Alone + MOREThe interest in and prevalence of youth sports background checks as a pre-employment and pre-volunteering measure is skyrocketing. The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) says this is attributed to two factors:

the increased exposure of high-profile reports of child sexual abuse, such as at the hands of Jerry Sandusky
the passing of new laws that allow for more proactive, protective measures for children

The federal government took its first step with the National Child Protection Act of 1993, which allowed organizations to perform background checks on people serving children…

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If you’ve been in the world of sports long enough you’ve probably met athletes who are total goofballs. The ones who don’t take the sport too seriously, make jokes or comments to try to make their teammates laugh, and who don’t spend too much time thinking about the sport because they’re just in it for some fun…

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