Why Youth Sports Leagues Should NOT Rely on FBI Fingerprint Checks Alone + MORE

Why Youth Sports Leagues Should NOT Rely on FBI Fingerprint Checks Alone + MORE

Overhydration Deaths on the Football Field Are Preventable

  By Tamara Hew Butler, DPM, Ph.D., FASCM When we hear about catastrophic injury and death amongst athletes, we typically think about concussion (1), cardiac arrest (2) and heatstroke. (3) Exercise-associated hyponatremia (EAH) is rarely uttered amongst the "big three", despite .... More »
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How to Stop Procrastinating? Draw on Your Personal Strengths!

Parents who would like to help their children learn how to stop procrastinating and start achieving their greatest goals are invited to share this article with them, and chat about it, too. It’s written to help children and teens understand and manage their avoidance behaviors. Hopefully it will .... More »

CoachUp Team Spotlight: Jack Harris + MORE

Although he’s off on a cruise right now and we’re very jealous in chilly Boston, we wanted to highlight one of our wonderful interns, Jack. He’s been with us since January, offering his current student-athlete perspective wherever he can. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Jack has .... More »

6 Things You Should See From the Sidelines as You Watch Your Child Play

As you sit on the sidelines, what are you watching most? The score? The time-clock, your phone, or your child? As hard as it is, I’d like to suggest that you tear your eyes away from the scoreboard and focus more on what you observe as you watch your child. There some important things that...R.... More »

Marriage and Youth Sports: Can They Be Teammates?

Can your marriage and youth sports be teammates? Do you and your spouse argue over youth sports issues? Does he get way too competitive and put pressure on your child? Does she get way too protective and coddle your child? Are you frequently not on the same page when it comes to what’s best fo.... More »
If you’ve been in the world of sports long enough you’ve probably met athletes who are total goofballs. The ones who don’t take the sport too seriously, make jokes or comments to try to make their teammates laugh, and who don’t spend too much time thinking about the sport because they’re just in it for some fun…

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national youth football tournaments 1455123902 958410784 Why Youth Sports Leagues Should NOT Rely on FBI Fingerprint Checks Alone + MOREThe interest in and prevalence of youth sports background checks as a pre-employment and pre-volunteering measure is skyrocketing. The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) says this is attributed to two factors:

the increased exposure of high-profile reports of child sexual abuse, such as at the hands of Jerry Sandusky
the passing of new laws that allow for more proactive, protective measures for children

The federal government took its first step with the National Child Protection Act of 1993, which allowed organizations to perform background checks on people serving children…

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