Why Your Child’s Failure is the Key to Success

Why Your Child’s Failure is the Key to Success
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Are Your Athletes Self-Motivated or Driven by Parents? + MORE

How to Help Sports Kids Be Self-Motivated A sports parent asks: “How can I help my son learn how to be self-motivated so that he can improve his tennis game?” Dan Coyle, the author of “The Talent Code,” argues that you have to help your children by cultivating their passion..... More »

One-handed NFL Prospect Shaquem Griffin

Shaquem Griffin was the feel good story of the 2018 NFL Draft Combine. The NFL keeps discovering new talent every now and then. It is not just team performances that keep football fans fascinated by the stories. The individual stories, where athletes rise from the ground to attain glory is what fans.... More »
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The Three Elements You Need in Order to Beat Fear in Sports: Part 1 + MORE

Fear can often become a catalyst that propels athletes into a slump and keeps them stuck there. The batter in a slump is afraid of not getting a hit. The gymnast stuck on a back hand-spring is afraid of moving backward. The swimmer who seems to “die” at the end of all he.... More »

Why I Love Fantasy Football + MORE

There are so many reasons to love Fantasy Football. I thought I’d create my own list. Before that, would you believe that Fantasy Football started in the 1960s? In 1962, Wilfred “Bill the Gill” Winkenbach, an Oakland-based businessman and part owner of the Raiders developed an orga.... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: Why is Soccer Declining at the Youth Level?

On the morning of the World Cup championship, the New York Times decided to run an article about the declining numbers of American kids aged 6-12 playing soccer in this country. According to research conducted by the Sports and Fitness Association, which has run surveys sports for years, soccer enro.... More »
One of the hardest parts of being a sports mom was watching my kids experience failure at something they’d worked so hard to achieve. It’s often painful for parents to watch their child’s growing-up process because that almost always includes watching their child’s failure. When parents think about failure, they tend to think of it…

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