Why Sports Should be Fun for Young Kids + MORE

Why Sports Should be Fun for Young Kids + MORE

Pound the Rock! + MORE

One of the most successful sporting franchises across the globe the last few decades is the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA. With five NBA titles since 1999, 22 overall division titles, having won at least 50 games for 18 consecutive seasons, and having missed the playoffs only 4 times in their history.... More »
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The “10,000 Hour Rule” And Young Athletes

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: The “10,000 Hour Rule” is adapted from a classic 1993 publication from Anders Ericsson and is widely quoted a the number of hours one must deliberately pract.... More »
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When Kids Play Better in Practice Than Games

 Helping Sports Kids Take Confidence to Games A sports parent asks: “My child is consistently amazing in practice, his coach tells me he’s one of the best practice players on the team, but he freezes up when game time comes! What can I do to help this?” When kids under perform in comp.... More »

SPORTS PARENTING TRENDS: Revisiting the Most Pressing Issues in Youth and Amateur Sports + MORE

Back in June of this year, I did a Sports Edge show in which I asked a fairly simple question about youth sports. And the response was so overwhelming that I promised myself that I would come back to revisit the topic soon. And today is that day. What was that question? What do you think is the bigg.... More »
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The “Disciplining Other People’s Children” Dilemma

We’ve all seen it. Experienced it. Sometimes painfully – a complete display of obnoxious behavior by someone else’s kid. Maybe in a checkout line. Or the candy aisle. Or at a school event or party. For most of us, it takes a lot of willpower to not take over and manage the situat.... More »

Why Sports Should be Fun for Young Kids

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How Can Parents Help Athletes Have Fun?
A sport parent asks:
“My 5-yr-old niece is playing softball and right now she is experiencing issues of not wanting to bat with fear of getting out. It’s real bad and embarrassing, she keeps crying and having tantrums in the dugout. Also today after finally batting, she was on second and was forced out at third, she then had a tantrum right there on the on field…

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If your child wants to up his or her game, it’s time to learn mental toughness. There are three affiliate links in this post and if you spend money on their programs, I will get a small commission. Are you frustrated because your athlete is struggling to learn mental toughness? Sports is a huge mental…

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