Why Sports Should be Fun for Young Kids + MORE

Why Sports Should be Fun for Young Kids + MORE
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Five Tips for More Grateful Kids + MORE

“Oh, what fun” … queue the holidays. ‘Tis the season to be thankful – right? Yes. But raise your hand if you’ve ever cringed at the “how do I tackle my kid’s holiday wish list” scenario it invokes! We’re all in, right? We’re all on boar.... More »

How to Sell Used Youth Sports Equipment

This post is sponsored and paid for by SidelineSwap.com, a site where you can buy and sell used sports equipment. Their mission is to provide athletes with a more affordable way to get gear so that everyone can play the sports they love.  During 22 years of being a sports family, our closets have.... More »

How Your Child Wants to Be Treated After Playing Sports

Do you know how your child wanted to be treated after playing sports? This post is an excerpt from my book 11 Habits of Happy and Positive Sports Parents.  To get your copy or learn how you can give one to every parent on your child’s team, click here. Does your child know and believe...Read&.... More »

ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: Why are So Many HS AD’s Calling it Quits?

On last Sunday’s radio show, I asked whether the time has finally come to seriously think about walking away from traditional HS varsity sports programs. I asked that question because so many talented and gifted coaches have become tired and worn out by the endless number of sports parents who con.... More »
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The “10,000 Hour Rule” And Young Athletes

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: The “10,000 Hour Rule” is adapted from a classic 1993 publication from Anders Ericsson and is widely quoted a the number of hours one must deliberately pract.... More »

Why Sports Should be Fun for Young Kids

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How Can Parents Help Athletes Have Fun?
A sport parent asks:
“My 5-yr-old niece is playing softball and right now she is experiencing issues of not wanting to bat with fear of getting out. It’s real bad and embarrassing, she keeps crying and having tantrums in the dugout. Also today after finally batting, she was on second and was forced out at third, she then had a tantrum right there on the on field…

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If your child wants to up his or her game, it’s time to learn mental toughness. There are three affiliate links in this post and if you spend money on their programs, I will get a small commission. Are you frustrated because your athlete is struggling to learn mental toughness? Sports is a huge mental…

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