Why MUST Parents and Coaches Be Partners? + MORE

Why MUST Parents and Coaches Be Partners? + MORE
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How Team Culture Boosts Kids’ Confidence

Strategies For Building Confidence in Young Athletes There’s a reason Mark Lawton, longtime coach and teacher, takes his team to the championship level… He focuses on building a team culture that boosts kids’ confidence. When we spoke to him recently, he gave us some quick tips for both p.... More »
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There’s A Lot We Don’t Know About Baseball and Softball Injuries

By Dev Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: There are likely many factors involved in shoulder and elbow injuries for young throwers The available data suggests that there are steps a young thrower can take n.... More »
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Coping With The Mental Side of Sports Injuries in Kids

Helping Sports Kids Build Confidence When Injured When kids experience sports injuries severe enough to keep them from playing or participating, they tend to have fairly dramatic reactions, said Dr. Jorge Gomez, Pediatric Sports Medicine Physician at Texas Children’s Hospital in a podcast intervie.... More »

BOOK REVIEW: HEMORRHOIDS AT HALFTIME -An Insider’s View of High School Athletics

Over the course of my doing my radio show over the years, I have assembled a pretty substantial library of books on sports in this country. Many of these works are written by dedicated individuals who share my passion and concern for what’s happening to kids in sports. And the vast majority of the.... More »

What Olympic Parents Want to Tell Sports Parents

Every two years, we are in awe of Olympians and inevitably, we meet some Olympic parents and hear their stories of sacrifice and support. There was a time, however, when those Olympic parents were sports parents much like you are. I doubt that most of them really grasped that someday their children .... More »
In an ideal season, parents and coaches work together; sports parents feel supported by the coach and the coach feels supported by the parents. Everyone–players, coaches and parents–benefit from a unified effort. However, we know that a parent-coach partnership can sometimes be a myth and the ones who suffer the most from it are the…

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Updated – while I originally published this post a few years back, with spring sports getting started and muddy fields abound, I figured it was time to share this post again…

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NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament feel good stories are plentiful as this year’s tourney features the most likable four teams in tourney history. Loyola-Chicago, the big underdog shocked folks from their #11 seed, features a 98 year-old nun as team chaplain and media star. Villanova, the winningest program for the past 4 years led by classy […] The post NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament Feel Good Stories appeared first on Sports Feel Good Stories.

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