Why Communication is More Important for Athletes

Why Communication is More Important for Athletes
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What to Do When Sports Kids Want to Quit + MORE

How to Help Sports Kids Feel Less Pressure What should you do if your young athlete wants to quit sports? Seventy-five percent of young athletes quit sports by the age of 16. The reasons vary, but most often, the child is no longer having fun. As sports parents, what can you do? You need to remembe.... More »
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College Golf Scholarships for Girls Going Unclaimed

A few weeks ago my daughter (a rising high school junior) and I headed to our local driving range to hit off a few buckets of golf balls on a Sunday morning. While taking our turns, the owner of the range stopped out to say hello and he was somewhat surprised to see the Mother-Daughter team we made.... More »

Are You THAT Pushy Sports Parent? + MORE

No mom or dad that I know really wants to be known as a PUSHY sports parent. But at the same time, parents sometimes let their “encouragement” turn into pushiness, without realizing it or even wanting it. Sometimes parental pushiness is blatant; you see it come out as parents coach their.... More »

4 Types of Athletes Who Struggle to Succeed

Every youth athlete will struggle to succeed; some seasons being harder than others. When I say success, I’m not talking about winning the championship or making the all-star team. Rather, the success I’m referring to is the success of accomplishment, of effort, of finding victory even i.... More »

Cardinal Pride: Reflections of a St. Louis Cardinals Fan

On a sweltering summer day in 1960, my father parked our family station wagon and led my mother, my sisters, and me through the front gates of Sportsman’s Park, then the hallowed home of the St. Louis Cardinals. First Day at the Ballpark Until that day, I had known the Cardinals only from the box .... More »
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How to Develop Confidence in Sports Kids
Sports parents, and coaches alike, play an integral role in how your sports kids feel about the sports they play and their overall experiences.
Often sports parents, however, can unwittingly hurt their kids’ confidence by being overly enthusiastic.
For example, it makes many sports kids nervous or uncomfortable when their parents are too loud or enthusiastic from the sidelines…

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