Why Athletic Talent isn’t Enough + MORE

Why Athletic Talent isn’t Enough + MORE
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ABUSIVE SPORTS PARENTS: Still Trying to Curb Violent Acts by Angry Parents + MORE

 More About Why Criminal Prosecutions Can Help Control Parental Violence in Youth Sports By Doug Abrams   A few years ago, a Minnesota judge sentenced a father to six months in prison for grabbing his son’s pee wee hockey coach in a choke hold during a practice session while the 11-12-year-o.... More »
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The “Disciplining Other People’s Children” Dilemma

We’ve all seen it. Experienced it. Sometimes painfully – a complete display of obnoxious behavior by someone else’s kid. Maybe in a checkout line. Or the candy aisle. Or at a school event or party. For most of us, it takes a lot of willpower to not take over and manage the situat.... More »
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Turf Toe Injuries

By Amol Saxena, DPM Podiatric Surgeon, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Palo Alto California Consulting Physician, USA Track and Field   The term “Turf toe” originally was used to describe injuries of the big toe joint sustained by American football players on artificial turf in the 1970s. The.... More »
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How to Help Athletes Who Stop Trying or Give Up

Is Your Young Athlete a Perfectionist? A young athlete asks: “I’m 14 years old and have been playing tennis since I was 5. But 2 years ago I started to go to an academy. And at the same time I started to play tournaments. One of my coaches calls me a bull because I’m always so stu.... More »

Pound the Rock! + MORE

One of the most successful sporting franchises across the globe the last few decades is the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA. With five NBA titles since 1999, 22 overall division titles, having won at least 50 games for 18 consecutive seasons, and having missed the playoffs only 4 times in their history.... More »

13 Super Bowl 52 Tweets To Remember

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The 13 Best Tweets from Super Bowl 52 provide a nice summary of the big game and the hoopla surround it. And, what a game it was! The tweets range from a hosting mayor welcoming message to a greeting from outer space, and some even address the football game. The half-time show? Covered. Best commercial? […] The post 13 Super Bowl 52 Tweets To Remember appeared first on Sports Feel Good Stories.

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Your child may be an amazing athlete, but athletic talent is not enough for them to achieve their goals. In a study that is rather long and tedious, author Daniel Chambliss addresses The Mundanity of Excellence as it relates to Olympic swimmers. His conclusions go against the grain of what we see a lot in…

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