When Sports Kids Are Bullied By Coaches + MORE

When Sports Kids Are Bullied By Coaches + MORE

4 Mindsets That Hold Your Child Back from Being a Leader

Do you get frustrated watching your child play because you wish they would be more assertive and become a leader in the game? Do you wonder what is holding your child back from being a leader? Chances are, your child doesn’t have a clear understanding of what leadership really is. In fact, t.... More »

ABUSIVE PARENTS AND COACHES: What Happens When We Run Out of Refs?

The Chronic Nationwide Referee Shortage and Its Safety Risks By Doug Abrams  “Everybody thinks [referees] should be perfect, so mom and dad start yelling at the officials. These officials don’t want to be berated all the time, so . . . they get out.” — Mark Jones, Alabama High School A.... More »

You Might be Embarrassing Your Child if….

Are you unintentionally embarrassing your child? Any sports parent who uses humiliation or embarrassment to try to motivate an athlete is barking up the wrong tree. In an article by Dr. Chris Stankovich, founder of Advanced Human Performance Systems, an athletic counseling and human performance enh.... More »
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How Proper Gear Boosts Confidence When Coming Back From An Injury

Helping Sports Kids Feel Confidence Again After Injury Coming back from an injury can be one of the toughest mental obstacles for athletes at all stages. Tracy McGrady, seven- time NBA all-star, spent eight straight seasons scoring more than 24 points per game before fading out in a flash after arth.... More »
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Coping With The Mental Side of Sports Injuries in Kids

Helping Sports Kids Build Confidence When Injured When kids experience sports injuries severe enough to keep them from playing or participating, they tend to have fairly dramatic reactions, said Dr. Jorge Gomez, Pediatric Sports Medicine Physician at Texas Children’s Hospital in a podcast intervie.... More »
In May 2018, retired US Women’s National Soccer team star Abby Wambach gave the commencement address to 600 women from Barnard College in New York City. Wambach, the all-time leading scorer for Team USA, an Olympic and World Cup champion, and an inspirational athlete known for playing with passion and giving her all every time
The post “Make Failure Your Fuel”: How to Help Your Athletes Learn from Adversity appeared first on Changing the Game Project…

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When Sports Kids Are Bullied By Coaches

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flag football tournament 1527743766 1239630078 When Sports Kids Are Bullied By Coaches + MOREHow to Deal With Bully Coaches
Do your sports children complain about being bullied, teased, or intimidated by coaches?
One sports mom recently told us her own story about how much a bully coach hurt her son…
“Some of it was outright verbal, mental, emotional abuse. And a lot of times the coach would say, ‘I do this because I want you to get better or I am being hard on you because I care,’” she said…

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The U.S. Justice Department Enforces Equal Opportunity For Youth Athletes With a Disability
 By Doug Abrams
 Sixteen-year-old Ryan Huizdos of suburban Detroit is legally blind from albinism, a rare congenital condition that impairs vision. Without incident or objection, he played Little League baseball for five years using yellow baseballs that enabled him to see well enough to pitch and bat…

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