When defining journalism “quality,” we can’t let the tail wag the dog + MORE

When defining journalism “quality,” we can’t let the tail wag the dog + MORE

DEALING WITH FINANCIAL CONCERNS: Is the Selling of Naming Rights Okay?

This column has to do with the selling of naming rights to ballparks, athletic facilities, and so on. Now, we all know that at the professional league, it’s become pretty standard fare for enterprising corporations to put up a lot of money to have their firm’s name branded on a  ballpark. Hence.... More »

Google it! What Coaches Can Learn from the Tech Giant About Building Teams

110-2. 24-0. Headed into the 2004 Olympic Games, the Men’s USA Basketball team was 110-2 all-time. They were 24-0 since the introduction of the 1992 “Dream Team”(NBA-era). The team consisted of current and future NBA stars. The best of the best. The greatest players from the greatest league in.... More »

Extended Stay America for Team Travel

When I ask my daughter what her favorite memories of her high schools sports years were, she always says the travel. She can’t tell you whether they won their competition or not, but she can tell you all about the team bonding, late night chat sessions with her teammates and the team dinners. .... More »

10 Things Your Son Needs From You + MORE

  We think your son needs everything from you. However, the following 10 things add up to a solid start, and they are gateway concepts to so much more. But there’s a balance at play here. You see, ultimately, your job is to make sure that there’s nothing your son needs from you (other than .... More »

Underdog Leicester Wins Premiere League

What was the biggest upset in sports ever? Villanova upsetting heavily favored Georgetown in college basketball? Buster Douglas beating fearsome Mike Tyson? Team USA upsetting the Russians in Olympic hockey? Or, underdog Leicester wins Premiere League? Many folks are making the case that Leicester&#.... More »

The Apology Your Wife Needs

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A friend recently asked me if I had done anything lately to upset my wife.  Not only had I not upset her, but I had just arranged for flowers to be delivered to her.  No special occasion – just telling her I loved her.  I was ahead of the game.  Maybe I was cocky.  That’s normally when I fall on my face…

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nfl flag football tournament 1403636061 1150538747 When defining journalism “quality,” we can’t let the tail wag the dog + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

During the World Cup the Uruguay team allowed a player with an obvious concussion to continue playing in the same game, risking permanent injury to the player
Youth Sports organizations in the US must take the lead and require proper concussion recognition for their coaches…

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Note: This is a response to yesterday’s B/R Blog post, Does the definition of quality journalism ever change?
The question of quality journalism looms over our industry due to the rapid rise of new technology. Newspapers never had an issue with this subject when their papers were delivered by newspaper boys on bikes…

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flag football tournament 1403636068 1787815164 When defining journalism “quality,” we can’t let the tail wag the dog + MOREThe prevailing thought trend in youth sports today is that kids should be having fun or they should not be playing. To a certain extent, that is a healthy and worthy philosophy, but it also brings up another dilemma: what does “fun” look like in youth sports?
Is it a coach who makes your child laugh?
A team full of great friends?
The after-game pizza party and yummy snacks?
Awards and trophies?
Fun in youth sports may mean different things to different kids…

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