What’s the Rush? How to Avoid The Troubling Dilemma of The Hurried Athlete + MORE

What’s the Rush? How to Avoid The Troubling Dilemma of The Hurried Athlete + MORE

SPORTSMANSHIP: What To Do When Neither Team Tries to Win….

Game-Fixing and Youth Coaching Ethics By Doug Abrams Under the headline, “Two Youth Teams Apparently Fixed a Match At a Tournament,” Fox Soccer writer Alex Dowd described a U-18 girls game played on July 28 at the US Youth Soccer National Championships in Frisco, Texas. He reported that the two .... More »

Drinking On A Schedule Not The Same As Encouraging Young Athletes To Over-Drink, Experts Say + MORE

  A new article in the New York Times quotes Kevin Miller, an associate professor of athletic training at Central Michigan University and MomsTEAM contributor as saying that "'best advice' about how to keep young athletes healthy during warm-weather practices 'is common sense.'&q.... More »

COLLEGE RECRUITING: Parents, Athletes Need to Do Their Homework

If there is one topic that sports parents (and their athletes) are desperate to always find out more information, it’s the increasingly complex world of college recruiting. Now, the irony is that even though you would assume that the recruiting process would become easier over the last 20 year.... More »
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Marshawn Lynch: Obligated to speak, or a challenge for sportswriters to accept? + MORE

I admit I’m a little obsessed with the Marshawn Lynch story. I want Marshall McLuhan to write a book about the semiotics of Marshawn Lynch’s performance-art pieces, in which the Seattle Seahawks running back gives the same answer to reporters no matter what questions they ask him. This .... More »

Drill of the Week: Defending The Deep Ball + MORE

It’s almost time for fall playoffs around the country, so it’s crucial that you’re in peak form, both physically and mentally. The pressure on defensive units to excel will never be higher, but do you feel like you’re prepared for everything? For defensive backs and corners i.... More »
To listen to the podcast, click on the above arrow. It seems there’s a movement to de-emphasize winning in youth sports. This is done by teams not keeping score and giving everyone on the team a trophy so that everyone feels they win. What’s the Big Deal About Winning? Today, I talk about winning with…

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national youth football tournaments 1421839791 373261262 What’s the Rush? How to Avoid The Troubling Dilemma of The Hurried Athlete + MORESometimes kids don’t even understand that they go into a game or practice with big expectations that pressure them to perform well.
For example, they might have a list of unwritten, unspoken “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts.”
These might include, “I should never make mistakes.” “I should always be the top scorer…

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If you’ve been reading in this space for a while, you’ve heard me say that credibility is a finite resource. Once you’ve established it, all you can do is keep it or lose it.
But media critic and professor Jay Rosen of NYU posted an essay last week that takes a more nuanced view. In A (brief) banking theory of newsroom trust, Rosen writes that trust, another word for credibility, is something that can be built up and drawn down, like a bank balance:

Some decisions that editors make put stress on accumulated reserves of trust, while others add to those reserves…

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Are you in a hurry to rush your child’s sports technique development?
Before you answer too quickly, let me ask you: Is most of his young life full of structured practices, lessons, and games, with little or no free time? Are you in a hurry to help him improve his skills, perhaps more quickly than he wants to? Are you being sucked into sports specialization?
In 1981, psychologist David Elkind wrote a book called The Hurried Child…

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Science Or Magic After Injury?

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nfl flag football tournament 1421839793 1052618135 What’s the Rush? How to Avoid The Troubling Dilemma of The Hurried Athlete + MOREBy Dev Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

Stick with scientifically proven methods to get you back as quickly as possible after an injury, avoid experimental treatments
Always start with the correct diagnosis…

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