What to Do When Sports Kids Want to Quit + MORE

What to Do When Sports Kids Want to Quit + MORE

5 Dilemmas That Keep Sports Parents Up at Night

Parents worry. That’s just what they do. Kids give them plenty of fuel for that, and in the youth sports world, it is no different. I hate to admit this, but there were nights when I would lie awake, worrying about something my child was facing in sports. I would think through every possible s.... More »

Cardinal Pride: Reflections of a St. Louis Cardinals Fan

On a sweltering summer day in 1960, my father parked our family station wagon and led my mother, my sisters, and me through the front gates of Sportsman’s Park, then the hallowed home of the St. Louis Cardinals. First Day at the Ballpark Until that day, I had known the Cardinals only from the box .... More »


The summer heat has finally arrived. And when it’s this hot, I think about the National Pastime. That’s because I recall how much fun and enjoyment I had playing baseball as a kid in the youth leagues, HS, in college, and in the pro’s.And also when I coached college ball. Problem is….... More »
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How Proper Gear Boosts Confidence When Coming Back From An Injury

Helping Sports Kids Feel Confidence Again After Injury Coming back from an injury can be one of the toughest mental obstacles for athletes at all stages. Tracy McGrady, seven- time NBA all-star, spent eight straight seasons scoring more than 24 points per game before fading out in a flash after arth.... More »
How do you get to be the guy with the coolest job in baseball? Well, it all started with just good manners. Major League Baseball’s First Team Curator Clyde Doepner looked at a high stack of mail on his desk his first day back from summer break in 1966. As a high school history teacher […] The post From History Teacher to Minnesota Twins Curator appeared first on Sports Feel Good Stories.

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What to Do When Sports Kids Want to Quit

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How to Help Sports Kids Feel Less Pressure
What should you do if your young athlete wants to quit sports?
Seventy-five percent of young athletes quit sports by the age of 16.
The reasons vary, but most often, the child is no longer having fun.
As sports parents, what can you do?
You need to remember that if your sports children decide they want to quit a sport, there is very little you can do…

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