Voting is open for the “Sports Feel Good Story of the Year” + MORE

Voting is open for the “Sports Feel Good Story of the Year” + MORE

How the Hard Work of Youth Sports is Still Fun

This post is sponsored by Genius of Play, a one-stop source for play ideas that build real skills. There is rarely anything fun about the hard work of youth sports. Although hard work and fun can co-exist in youth sports, let’s not sugar coat the sweat, the sore muscles, and the exhaustion that yo.... More »
national flag football tournament 1490966053 353602821 Voting is open for the “Sports Feel Good Story of the Year” + MORE

How to Eat Healthy and Save Money When Traveling for Youth Sports + MORE

Have you figured out how to eat healthy when going to games and tournaments? Let’s be real. Life in busy sports families means that something has to give.What is that “something” for you? For many, mealtimes seem to suffer the most neglect. Travel teams and late afternoon or early.... More »

YOUTH BASEBALL TRENDS: “Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game?”

When Casey Stengel was managing the hapless New York Mets in their first year of existence in 1962, Casey became so frustrated with his team’s lack of fundamental baseball that he once exclaimed in frustration: “Can’t anybody here play this game?” That moment was well over 50.... More »

A SmartTeams Talk: Enacting Pro-Active Policies To Prevent Sudden Death in Youth Sports Presents Challenges, Says KSI's Casa

  The Korey Stringer Institute's Douglas J. Casa, Ph.D., ATC argues that youth sports safety policies need to be developed and implemented by sports medicine professionals, not athletic administrators, notes that the level of risk of catastrophic sports injury unfortunately depends largely .... More »

Why Do Women Cheat? + MORE

  One of my favorite movies, particularly this time of year, is When Harry Met Sally. There are so many famous lines and funny moments. In one scene, Billy Crystal’s character, Harry, is at a football game with his friend Jess talking about how he and his wife are separating. Among a chee.... More »
Social media is an important tool. We talk a lot on this blog about the different ways you can use social media for discovery, curation, reporting, brand-building and to enhance your stories.
We also talk about best practices to avoid running into various kinds of trouble. As with any tool that can be used for good, social media can also be a source of pain…

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nfl flag football tournament 1415098855 541457960 Voting is open for the “Sports Feel Good Story of the Year” + MOREVoting is now open for the TeamSnap and Sports Feel Good Stories’ “Sports Feel Good Story of the Year.” The polls are open throughout the month of November, with the winners vying for $750 in prizes. The “Sports Feel Good Story of the Year” contest was launched to recognize inspiring athletes, coaches and fans from around the world…

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Do you want to leave a positive legacy? If so, take a minute and learn from one of the best: Bobby Bowden, former coach of Florida State Football and one of the most winning coaches in college football history. Last month I went to a fundraiser and heard Bobby speak. This was a man who looked…Read More

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