Venus and Serena Williams – Tennis’ Star Siblings + MORE

Venus and Serena Williams – Tennis’ Star Siblings + MORE
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Helping Youth Baseball Players Deal with Failure

Strategies to Help Sports Kids Overcome Failure Fear of failure affects sports children in all types of sports, but can be especially challenging in baseball, says Nova Newcomer, executive director, Friends of Baseball, in Portland, Oregon. “The tough challenge with baseball is it’s a failur.... More »

Coach Spotlight Series: Andre Speech on the CoachUp Premium Membership

We’ve got some new updates for you in this latest edition of the Coach Spotlight Series. This week’s Spotlight features basketball coach Andre Speech. Andre was one of the first CoachUp coaches to upgrade to the CoachUp Premium Membership. It’s been more than a week since we released .... More »

5 Things I Want My Kids to REALLY KNOW in 2018

  Whether you are a parent of a 5, 15, or 25-year-old, it’s always good to take a hard look at how you are doing at parenting. This year, I want to be sure that there are some things my kids really, really know, and in order for them to know these things, I will...Read More  &#.... More »

3 Ways for Athletes to Travel Fit

3 Ways for Athletes to Travel Fit Whether it’s an away game, out-of-town tournament, or a family vacation, the chances are high that traveling is in your near future. And, if you’re anything like me, your body is likely not used to traveling on a regular basis. Unfortunately, traveling can t.... More »
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Keeping Sports Kids Motivated After Injuries

Regaining Confidence After Injury A sports parent asks: “How do my children stay motivated while coming back from a sports injury? They tend to play very conservatively and find it harder to work as hard or be as enthusiastic when coming back from such an injury.” Often when your kids a.... More »
Self-talk is basically what you say to yourself in the confines of your own head that nobody else hears, yet that could have a HUGE impact on how you feel about yourself, and ultimately how you perform!
If your self-talk is consistently positive, as in “Stay in the NOW”, “Focus only on YOU,” and if you make a mistake, “That’s alright! I’ll get it next time,” then you’ve already mastered one of the key principles of peak performance if you can keep this up no matter the outcomes and setbacks you experience…

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Channeling the Mindset of a Youth Sports Athlete I’ve had the privilege of lacing up my cleats and taking the pitch for the last fifteen years — throughout it, I’ve learned many things, scored a ton of goals, and missed a few along the way. As such, I’m about to enter my last college season […] The post Channeling the Mindset of a Youth Sports Athlete appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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Another great question from a sports parent: “How do I know the difference between pushing and supporting my child?”   Get Good Habits!
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youth flag football tournaments 1466170718 70498266 Venus and Serena Williams – Tennis’ Star Siblings + MOREConsidered as the best sibling pair in professional sports, both Venus and Serena Williams represent the epitome of professional tennis today. Their story from a simple life in Compton, California to tennis glory is a story of inspiration for everyone. The duo has won a total of 8 gold medals at the Summer Olympics Games, 3 in doubles and 1 each in singles…

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