Vector Mouthguard Season Wrap Up: Product Review and Impressions + MORE

Vector Mouthguard Season Wrap Up: Product Review and Impressions + MORE

PITCH COUNTS: A Deeper Look into New York State’s Rules

NEW YORK PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL PITCH COUNT RULES TO GO INTO EFFECT THIS SEASON                                                     By Steve Kallas (The following article discusses the new pitch count rules for New York State only.  For a list of the r.... More »

6 Things Great Sports Parents Know and Do for their Kids

This post is sponsored by Ertheo, an organization that helps parents find opportunities to help their children grow, focusing on great summer camp experiences.   There are millions of sports parents in the world today, but how many of could actually be described as great sports parents?  .... More »

Celebrating One Year With Stephen Curry + Curry Two Sweepstakes!

Wow, has it been one year already? Just about one year ago, Stephen Curry made the decision to join the CoachUp team! Since then, we’ve made countless videos with Stephen and have enjoyed seeing his career bloom in front of our very eyes. We’ve watched in earnest as Stephen became an MVP.... More »
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How Sports Parents Can Motivate Kids Without Pressuring Them + MORE

Lisa Cohn here from The Ultimate Sports Parent. Just yesterday, my 7-year-old told me he didn’t want to go to gymnastics. He said he didn’t like doing the warm-up exercises and wasn’t going to go any more. But I know he loves his gymnastics class… I had a few options here. One, tell him.... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: How HS Boys Basketball Has Changed over the Last 30 Years + MORE

There was a time in this country when making a HS varsity basketball team was a fairly simple process. That is, hopeful kids tried out for the team under the watchful eyes of the head coach and his staff, in the hope that one would impress enough with one’s skills, size, experience, and speed .... More »
I find myself in a peculiar situation in regards to the Vector Mouthguard; I have indeed benefited from the relationship as mentioned in the first post about this product. However, I have also been honest and blunt with them while… Continue reading →

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 1449592442 325755676 Vector Mouthguard Season Wrap Up: Product Review and Impressions + MOREBy Adam Bitterman, DO
Fellow, Foot and Ankle Surgery
Rush University Medical Center
and Johnny Lin, MD
Assistant Professor, Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush
Rush University Medical Center
Key Points:

Snowboarding is growing in popularity, especially amongst young people
Lightweight boards with less rigid boots lead to faster speeds, with an increase in injury risk
Injuries to the foot and ankle with snowboarding may include fractures, sprains, and tendon injuries…

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