A Beginner’s Guide to Sports Parenting

Sports parenting is as easy as signing your child up and getting him to practice, right? If this is your child’s first, second, or even third year of playing youth sports, then you are still relatively new to the game. It may seem easy, and you may think, This is great! This is fun! WhereR.... More »

When Sports Parents SHOULD Butt In

As the words in Ecclesiastes 3 say, “There is a time for everything,” and that is especially true for sports parents. There IS a time to butt in….          Related Stories8 Things Every Soccer Parent Needs to KnowHow to Deal with a Negative .... More »
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55 Best Back-to-School Articles for Parents + MORE

Parents, are you ready for back-to-school? Teachers, would you like to share some great parenting articles with student’s families?  This popular list of back-to-school articles is updated each year. It contains some of the latest thinking and research on learning, achievement, family well-be.... More »
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Do Your Athletes Have Pregame Jitters or Performance Anxiety? + MORE

Helping Sports Kids Overcome Pregame Anxiety Just before a game, your kids may say they’re feeling jittery and will look distracted, over-excited and tense. They may have sweaty palms and a pounding heart. In many cases, such feelings are pregame jitters or “butterflies” that actually.... More »

Celebrating Emil Zatopek, the greatest distance runner in Olympic history + MORE

Celebrating Emil Zatopek, the greatest distance runner in Olympic history Most history buffs are familiar with September 19th’s significance, but for those uninitiated, the mid-fall date has a special place in the heart of athletes everywhere — it’s the birthdate of Emil Zatopek,.... More »
Teamwork is a must in youth sports. And if your child is not learning it, then ask yourself why and do something to change that. Teamwork is huge because it’s one of those characteristics that will affect how your child relates to and works with others for the rest of his life. A less sporty…..

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A lot of coaches regularly employ punishment as a “teaching” tool with their athletes and teams. If the team/athlete fails to execute well, makes a lot of mistakes or loses, the coach punishes them with more physically brutal practices, extra trainings and usually extra, long hard conditioning. 
I’ve always been puzzled by coaches responding in this “old school” manner…

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For soccer players, there tends to be an innate focus on shooting, defending, and passing at youth levels — but, unfortunately, if you do not possess a sense of elite ball control, you’re unlikely to connect the dots and improve. Think about it, if you can’t control the ball, can you shoot? Will you be able […] The post Drill of the Week: Elite Ball Control appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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