Understanding the 2018 World Cup + MORE

Understanding the 2018 World Cup + MORE
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Injuries and Self-Image in Youth Sports

How Injuries Can Affect Self-Image Injuries and lack of rest are among the many confidence killers in youth sports, says Dr. Shawn Worthy, Metropolitan State University of Denver professor and clinical psychologist who specializes in sports and adolescent psychology. They can prompt kids to feel bur.... More »

You Might be Embarrassing Your Child if….

Are you unintentionally embarrassing your child? Any sports parent who uses humiliation or embarrassment to try to motivate an athlete is barking up the wrong tree. In an article by Dr. Chris Stankovich, founder of Advanced Human Performance Systems, an athletic counseling and human performance enh.... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: Why is Soccer Declining at the Youth Level?

On the morning of the World Cup championship, the New York Times decided to run an article about the declining numbers of American kids aged 6-12 playing soccer in this country. According to research conducted by the Sports and Fitness Association, which has run surveys sports for years, soccer enro.... More »

Atlanta Falcons Fan Guide, Schedule, Traditions + MORE

This Atlanta Falcons Fan Guide will get you pumped for the NFL season if you’re a fan of the Dirty Birds. It’s a great resource for the season schedule, famous players, rivalries and traditions. Being an Atlanta Falcons Fan Guide The Atlanta Falcons joined the NFL as an expansion team in.... More »
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Hundred Hole Hike Raises Funds to Provide Affordable Golf for Kids

As I recently shared, the golf community is growing and working even harder to create opportunities for young people to get involved in the game (College Golf Scholarships for Girls Going Unclaimed). One of the factors that makes it difficult for golf to reach the masses is cost. As most people kno.... More »
Dr. Tommy John with Myatt Murphy, paperback $18.99, DeCapo Press.
In many ways it’s only fitting and appropriate that Dr. Tommy John – the son of former big league pitching star Tommy John – went on to become a distinguished chiropractor who specializes in preventing serious arm and other sports injuries in young athletes…

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Understanding the 2018 World Cup

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The 2018 World Cup is upon us. Every four years the world’s 32 best national soccer teams gather for a tourney that captures global attention like no other event. 2018 FIFA World Cup Guide The Super Bowl and NBA finals are fine American traditions whose worldwide popularity pales in comparison. The 2014 FIFA World Cup […] The post Understanding the 2018 World Cup appeared first on Sports Feel Good Stories.

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