Understanding the 2018 World Cup + MORE

Understanding the 2018 World Cup + MORE

ABUSIVE PARENTS AND COACHES: What Happens When We Run Out of Refs?

The Chronic Nationwide Referee Shortage and Its Safety Risks By Doug Abrams  “Everybody thinks [referees] should be perfect, so mom and dad start yelling at the officials. These officials don’t want to be berated all the time, so . . . they get out.” — Mark Jones, Alabama High School A.... More »
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How Proper Gear Boosts Confidence When Coming Back From An Injury

Helping Sports Kids Feel Confidence Again After Injury Coming back from an injury can be one of the toughest mental obstacles for athletes at all stages. Tracy McGrady, seven- time NBA all-star, spent eight straight seasons scoring more than 24 points per game before fading out in a flash after arth.... More »
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Lightning Safety For Outdoor Sports

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: The summer months are the peak time of year for lightning strikes If you hear thunder, abandon outdoor practice and go indoors. “If the thunder roars, go indoo.... More »
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The Game When My Son Struck out 3 Times, and What I Learned + MORE

There are moments in a sports parent’s life that are embedded in your heart and memory so deeply that they will always move you when you think of them. One of those moments for me was when my 4th-grade son–who is now 28–struck out three times in a playoff little league game. As the.... More »

Cardinal Pride: Reflections of a St. Louis Cardinals Fan

On a sweltering summer day in 1960, my father parked our family station wagon and led my mother, my sisters, and me through the front gates of Sportsman’s Park, then the hallowed home of the St. Louis Cardinals. First Day at the Ballpark Until that day, I had known the Cardinals only from the box .... More »
Dr. Tommy John with Myatt Murphy, paperback $18.99, DeCapo Press.
In many ways it’s only fitting and appropriate that Dr. Tommy John – the son of former big league pitching star Tommy John – went on to become a distinguished chiropractor who specializes in preventing serious arm and other sports injuries in young athletes…

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Understanding the 2018 World Cup

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The 2018 World Cup is upon us. Every four years the world’s 32 best national soccer teams gather for a tourney that captures global attention like no other event. 2018 FIFA World Cup Guide The Super Bowl and NBA finals are fine American traditions whose worldwide popularity pales in comparison. The 2014 FIFA World Cup […] The post Understanding the 2018 World Cup appeared first on Sports Feel Good Stories.

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