TRENDS IN SPORTS: When Too Much Really Does Become Too Much…. + MORE

TRENDS IN SPORTS: When Too Much Really Does Become Too Much…. + MORE
flag football tournaments 1434439855 841466165 TRENDS IN SPORTS: When Too Much Really Does Become Too Much…. + MORE

TRENDS IN SPORTS: Wonderful Advancements in Sled Hockey + MORE

 Sled Hockey:  “For Love of the Game” By Doug Abrams   Late last week, I received an e-mail from my longtime friend Dick Gagliardi, the former Yale University hockey coach and Sacred Heart Academy athletic director. “This is something you would want to know about,” he said, and he was.... More »

When children bicker: Stopping the fight before it starts

Guest Post by Dr. Laura Markham Bickering is not yet a full-fledged fight, but it could become one. Or it could just go on all day long until it drives you crazy. Some amount of bickering is normal, since kids are still learning how to express their needs appropriately. But bickering is always a .... More »

The Power of Hightower: Coach Tim just keeps on runnin’ + MORE

A few weeks ago, we were so pleased to support one of our very own as Tim Hightower returned to the NFL with the New Orleans Saints. Back then, a slew of injuries to the New Orleans Saints’ running backs gave Coach Tim a golden opportunity to prove that he was ready to contribute once again..... More »
national flag football tournament 1424293119 838473818 TRENDS IN SPORTS: When Too Much Really Does Become Too Much…. + MORE

HEROIC ATHLETES/COACHES: Some Role Models You Should Tell Your Athletes About… + MORE

 What to Tell Children When Professional Athletes Stray By Doug Abrams   The past few years have exposed a darker side of professional sports, in full view of children who follow their favorite stars. In bygone decades, some players were no angels but sportswriters chose silence over public re.... More »
New Poll Shows Continuing Parental Discontent
About the “Youth Sports Arms Race”
By Doug Abrams
Many youth sports parents today are too young to remember much about the Arms Race that pitted the United States against the Soviet Union during the Cold War from 1945 until the Soviet state dissolved in 1991…

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“A happy family is but an earlier Heaven” – George Bernard Shaw
A closer family bond is the solution to many of the trials and tribulations life throws at the family. [Tweet This] Those moments are inevitable and the way to survive and conquer them is the same as it is for any other storm — create a solid foundation…

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Tired of reading about all that is wrong in youth sports? So are we! TeamSnap and I have teamed up for the Make It Right Campaign this fall to share stories with you of people who are doing what they can to Make It Right in youth sports. There are lots of folks out there who…Read More

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You probably already know that playing sports can benefit your daughter. I’m sure you can think of a few of these benefits off the top of your head, but there may be a few you haven’t thought of.
The Women’s Sports Foundation, a leading internet source for girls and women in sports, lists the following benefits for girls in sports:

Better Grades and Graduation Rate: High school girls playing sports are more likely to get better grades and more likely to graduate from high school than their non-playing counterparts…

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There were three really interesting pieces I read last week tied to departures in the media biz. They don’t really have anything to do with each other, but together they give three glimpses that serve as a little snapshot of some big issues in media at the moment.
OK, only two of them do. We’ll start with them…

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