TRAVEL TEAMS: Time to Re-Think Them? + MORE

TRAVEL TEAMS: Time to Re-Think Them? + MORE

ABUSIVE COACHES: Losing One’s Perspective During the Post-Game Handshake + MORE

When Coaches’ Misconduct Disrupts Post-Game Handshake Lines By Doug Abrams Late last month, the Omaha World-Herald reported that police ticketed a 52-year-old coach for suspected assault and battery on a 10-year-old opponent as the teams traded high-fives in the post-game handshake line after a fl.... More »

DEALING WITH FINANCIAL CONCERNS: The Built-in Value of Used Equipment Banks for Kids + MORE

Used-Equipment Banks: One Way to Reduce Costs and Boost Enrollment  By Doug Abrams Much has been written lately about the escalating costs of playing youth sports, particularly at the travel and elite levels. Commentators have described burdens imposed by interstate travel and lodging, handsomely .... More »

Head Games: When is Therapy Right for Your Athlete?

To listen to this new podcast series, click on the above MP3 link. Welcome to Week 5 of Head Games! The mental game of youth sports is key to your child’s success and this week we focus on When is Therapy Right For Your Athlete? We talk about when parents can know that therapy would be helpf.... More »
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SmartTeams Talk™: Chiropractor's Role In Concussion Testing and Treatment + MORE

A chiropractor's role in concussion testing and treatment is similar to that of a pediatrician, says Dallas-based chiropractor and strength and conditioning coach, Steve Horowtiz, D.C., CSCS, in that he or she needs to know about the importance of  core and neck strengthening and range of motion in.... More »

Nieman Storyboard’s Annotation Tuesday! looks under the hood of great writing + MORE

I don’t know how I’ve missed this, but has a feature called Annotation Tuesday! in which one writer interviews another about some recent or famous piece, and the questions and answers are interspersed throughout the story itself. It’s like the audio commentary.... More »
I think I touched a nerve this AM on the radio show because I brought up a topic that most sports parents don’t want to talk about – the fear and anxiety of their youngster being on a travel team.
In short, once your kid is on a travel team, there’s tremendous pressure to play that one sport all year round, plus to maintain one’s playing time, kids (and their parents) are psychologically pressured never to miss a practice or a game, to go to specialized camps all summer, and to employ a private coach…

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youth football tournaments 1401710776 612945040 TRAVEL TEAMS: Time to Re Think Them? + MOREHockey is mostly known as a sport for men only, but with the increasing interest of women, this is no longer the case. There is a long list of male hockey superstars and great teams but little attention has been brought to the growing eminence of female hockey. Since all the focus in the media right now is on the NHL and the playoffs, now is the perfect time to take a look at women’s hockey…

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All Pro Dad Live!


On August 23, 2014, All Pro Dad will host an amazing event in Atlanta.  Join comedian Jeff Foxworthy, Super Bowl winning coach and NFL Analyst Tony Dungy, Georgia Coach Mark Richt, Heisman Trophy winner Danny Wuerffel, NFL Executive Troy Vincent, and ESPN NFL Insider Mark Dominik, along with 3,000 other dads for the first ever All Pro Dad Live! event…

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