Top 3 Reasons Sports Parents Get Discouraged and How To Fight It + MORE

Top 3 Reasons Sports Parents Get Discouraged and How To Fight It + MORE

5 Tips For Parenting A Scholar And An Athlete

By Taayoo A. Murray  In the Caribbean, there is an expression, "Seven brothers, seven different minds". As parents, we often try to fit our children into molds. The belief is that if we know where they fit, we can better parent them. As a mom of boys with two distinctly different pe.... More »
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Here’s a Plan to Help Keep Your Child From Quitting Sports + MORE

It all starts out so innocent and fun, doesn’t it? What happens? How can we keep kids from quitting youth sports? Learn more about how you can keep your child playing and having fun in youth sports!         Related StoriesHow to Make This the Best Year of Y.... More »
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The Psychology Of Words And The Young Athlete + MORE

Ken TaylorYoung athletes live in a pretty strange world. So many adults saying things to them but no one really communicating. Its hard enough for them to decipher one adult's vague instructions but then have to blend the mixed messages of parents and coaches.  Ken Taylor, former NFL cornerback.... More »

LEGAL CONCERNS: Why are Artificial Turf Fields Falling Apart So Quickly?

Over the last couple of weeks, Matt Stanmyre and his colleague Chris Baxter of NJAdvanceMedia ( unleashed a series of investigative columns examining why so many hundreds of HS, college, and local park and rec fields — all covered with beautiful lush green artificial turf – is see.... More »

RecruitLook: NCAA updates social media recruiting rules

NCAA updates social media recruiting rules reposted from our partners at RecruitLook Social media in college recruiting has become too big for the NCAA to control. The solution? Change the rules for how college coaches can interact with potential prospects on social media. The NCAA could no longer e.... More »

Staph skin infections due to methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections are a well-documented complication of participation on athletic teams, with football teams, in particular, emerging as a common population in which MRSA outbreaks occur.
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While concussions result from a variety of causes (in helmeted sports, most often as a result of helmet-to-helmet contact), recent studies suggest that a small percentage (about 10 percent in football) are caused by an athlete’s head hitting the playing surface.

A properly maintained playing surface can help minimize head injury risk…

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No one warns you when you sign up your child for his first season of sports that it’s not going to be all fun and games.
Oh, it probably starts out that way. But something happens as kids get older and the competition gets stiffer; the light hearted fun gets forgotten as many parents get discouraged with the messiness of youth sports

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