Toben Nelson: Raising Awareness About Link Between Sports Participation And Risk of Heavy Drinking + MORE

Toben Nelson: Raising Awareness About Link Between Sports Participation And Risk of Heavy Drinking + MORE

GETTING CUT FROM A TEAM: What Parents — and Coaches – Need to Know

FOR THE PARENT…. I want to discuss difficult moments in an athlete’s life when – as the Mom or Dad – you find yourself on the spot to have to say the right thing – to find the precise words – to talk with your son or daughter when things aren’t going their way. We’re talking .... More »

SPORTSMANSHIP: When HS Coaches Play To Lose…..

 How Youth Coaches Can Lose Players’ Respect Quickly:  Throw a Game By Doug Abrams  In Tennessee girls basketball action last week, Riverdale High School faced Smyrna High School in a district tournament match-up.  Both teams tried their hardest all game. The trouble was that, obeying their he.... More »

COMMUNICATING WITH THE PARENTS: Part II of Doug Abrams’ Experiences as a Youth Hockey Coach + MORE

 Using Email to Communicate With the Team’s Parents (Part 2) By Doug Abrams Part 1 of this three-part column urged community youth league coaches to consider using email to share observations and explanations with parents before, during, and after the season. The Part provided emails that I, as h.... More »

COLLEGE RECRUITING: The Recruiting Myth of College O1Campus Camps + MORE

This is the time of the year in which a number of college baseball coaches put on 2-3 day camps, where prospective college baseball players pay a good-sized fee in which to go the college campus, and basically have a chance – along with dozens of other hopeful HS players – go through their paces.... More »
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Youth Soccer Practice Plans make coaching easier + MORE

Former University of St. Thomas Soccer Coach Colleen Carey was twice selected as MIAC Coach of the Year recognizing her team’s impressive winning records and achievements.  As she highlights in the introduction of her new book, Well Prepared Coach Youth Soccer Practice Plans ($29.95, ebook).... More »

Refreshing Words From an Athlete


It’s my “off-season” of sorts here on the blog.  Add into that a growing, young family and time just seems to be hard to come by (not to mention my real “day job” of taking care of hundreds of athletes at a high school).  However, I am always listening and reading. Today I stumbled across […]

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The NBA playoffs are underway. Or, as I like to put it: The NBA regular season has started. To celebrate, today’s Shoutouts focus on the Association.
You know about the NFL 1000, Bleacher Report’s series ranking the NFL’s top 1,000 players position by position. For the first time this year, we’re bringing the same concept to basketball with the NBA 200…

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In recognition of April as National Youth Sports Safety Month, MomsTeam is again asking our friends in the medical, health, fitness, nutrition and athletic training communities to write blogs answering two questions: first, how or why did they get into their field, and second, how have they made a difference in the life of a youth athlete in the past year…

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Carbohydrates seem to be a source of confusion for athletes and fitness exercisers alike. As a result of the Paleo Diet, Grain Brain, Wheat Belly, and other trendy diet books, many active people don’t know what to eat. They just think they should avoid pasta, bagels, juice, bananas and sugar; even if these foods are non-problematic for them…

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The family budget is always tight. There are braces to pay for, a car in the shop, and the ever-increasing cost of groceries to consider. By the time money is stashed away for college, retirement, and savings for a rainy day, there is little left in the wallet when the time comes to take your wife on a nice date…

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