To Play Or Not To Play Youth Sports: That Is The Question + MORE

To Play Or Not To Play Youth Sports: That Is The Question + MORE
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How Do You Know if Your Athlete Has Burnout?

Burnout in Young Athletes In the the video series “Sessions With Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers your youth sports psychology and mental training questions that deal with sports parents and the mental game challenges their sports kids have. Visit and click on contact us to .... More »
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Help Sports Kids Feel Self-Confident Before Competition

Improving Self-Confidence With Mental Preparation Parents, it’s important to recognize that confidence is the Number One mental game skill that helps kids perform to their potential. And when young athletes learn how to build their confidence in sports, it can transfer to other areas of their.... More »

DANGERS OF CONCUSSIONS: Will New Guidelines for Youth Football Make A Difference?

Ken Belson of the NY Times did a wonderful article this past week about a new initiative from U.S.A. Football, the nation’s governing body when it comes to amateur football, to do something to stop the dropping numbers of HS students who are deciding not to play football. Belson reports that s.... More »

Don’t Turn Your Young Athlete Into a Mini Me + MORE

“Dad, am I a disappointment to you?” My son asked, choking back tears. I stopped dead in my tracks. We were walking out of a local amusement park on our way to the car. We had spent the day at the park to bond. It seems the plan backfired. I gathered myself. Inside I was The post Don’t Tur.... More »
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Girls Drop Out Rate Higher Than Boys + MORE

Why Do More Girls Drop Out of Sports Than Boys? We already knew that by the time they are 13, seventy-five percent of kids drop out of sports, mostly because they’re not having fun anymore. But research shows that girls drop out of sports at rates six times higher than boys. We spoke recently with.... More »
Should my child do group or one-on-one training? With fall sports now in full force, there’s the opportunity to reflect, regroup, and refocus — how can you improve before season’s end?  If you’re facing a tough decision on improving your game this October, don’t worry — we’re breaking down the benefits of one-on-one and group training…

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The public’s perception that a direct causal link exists between repetitive head contact and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is largely the result of one-sided, sensationalized, and biased reporting, argue four head injury researchers in a provocative editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine…

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The CoachUpWay Winner: September 2016 After a short hiatus, we’re bringing back The CoachUp Way, a contest to find out which of our athletes are working hard, seeing improvements, and deserve some public shine. If you’d like to enter, head here and tell us your story! The winner will get a CoachUp styled gift-bag and a blog post […] The post The CoachUpWay Winner: September 2016 appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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For parents like me trying to make sense of today’s youth sports landscape, there is a steady stream of new influences and impacts to consider when signing your child up for the next season. We are inundated with information about the risks of contact and non-contact sports such as football, lacrosse, baseball or soccer; young athletes are under more pressure than ever before to specialize early, supposedly to maximize their chances of earning a college athletic scholarship or of making the AAU team; and sports compete with an endless other extra-curricular activates in filling up a child’s already jam-packed schedule…

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