To Play Or Not To Play Youth Sports: That Is The Question + MORE

To Play Or Not To Play Youth Sports: That Is The Question + MORE
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Can We Shift the Paradigm in Youth Sports? + MORE

I was recently in Ohio for a family event. At this event, my father and his friends began sharing stories of their childhood. Everyone shared stories of their days of triumph on the sporting fields in their small Midwest town. As the event progressed, it evolved into a full on discussion about youth.... More »

5 Things Coaches Need to Teach Their Captive Audience

Coaches, you have a captive audience every season that you decide to take on the challenge of turning a group of individuals into a team. Your players are captive because in order to make the team, and in order to play, they must listen to you and do as you instruct. As a coach, this could be...Re.... More »

The Talent That Whispers + MORE

The scouts snickered. They looked at the time again. To this day the 5.28 second 40 yard dash time is one of the slowest for quarterbacks in the history of the NFL combine. His 24.5 inch vertical leap didn’t have them lining up at his door either. He had been a good, but not an The post The Talent.... More »
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Help Sports Kids Feel Self-Confident Before Competition

Improving Self-Confidence With Mental Preparation Parents, it’s important to recognize that confidence is the Number One mental game skill that helps kids perform to their potential. And when young athletes learn how to build their confidence in sports, it can transfer to other areas of their.... More »
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Snowboarding Ankle Injuries: The Snowboarder’s Fracture

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Snowboarders tend to get more ankle injuries than skiers, and skiers tend to get more knee injuries than snowboarders The “snowboarder’s fracture” is uniqu.... More »
Should my child do group or one-on-one training? With fall sports now in full force, there’s the opportunity to reflect, regroup, and refocus — how can you improve before season’s end?  If you’re facing a tough decision on improving your game this October, don’t worry — we’re breaking down the benefits of one-on-one and group training…

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The public’s perception that a direct causal link exists between repetitive head contact and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is largely the result of one-sided, sensationalized, and biased reporting, argue four head injury researchers in a provocative editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine…

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The CoachUpWay Winner: September 2016 After a short hiatus, we’re bringing back The CoachUp Way, a contest to find out which of our athletes are working hard, seeing improvements, and deserve some public shine. If you’d like to enter, head here and tell us your story! The winner will get a CoachUp styled gift-bag and a blog post […] The post The CoachUpWay Winner: September 2016 appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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For parents like me trying to make sense of today’s youth sports landscape, there is a steady stream of new influences and impacts to consider when signing your child up for the next season. We are inundated with information about the risks of contact and non-contact sports such as football, lacrosse, baseball or soccer; young athletes are under more pressure than ever before to specialize early, supposedly to maximize their chances of earning a college athletic scholarship or of making the AAU team; and sports compete with an endless other extra-curricular activates in filling up a child’s already jam-packed schedule…

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