This key practice can help you build a positive attitude! + MORE

This key practice can help you build a positive attitude! + MORE

How to Help Your Child Compete in Sports Without Going Broke

Do you sometimes feel like you’re going broke with the cost of youth sports? It’s not unusual these days for parents to pay over $1000 for their child to play on a travel team. The pay-to-play culture has exploded and the statistics are rather stunning. A report in USA Today says: A majo.... More »

NEW: Photo Certificates for Softball

These new Softball Photo Award Certificates enable you to easily create keepsake awards complete with a favorite photograph and personal words of praise. Choose from 20 different designs including individual player options and team options. “Our original Softball Award Certificates is one of o.... More »

How Your Child Wants to Be Treated After Playing Sports

Do you know how your child wanted to be treated after playing sports? This post is an excerpt from my book 11 Habits of Happy and Positive Sports Parents.  To get your copy or learn how you can give one to every parent on your child’s team, click here. Does your child know and believe...Read&.... More »
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Can We Shift the Paradigm in Youth Sports? + MORE

I was recently in Ohio for a family event. At this event, my father and his friends began sharing stories of their childhood. Everyone shared stories of their days of triumph on the sporting fields in their small Midwest town. As the event progressed, it evolved into a full on discussion about youth.... More »

Coach Communication With Parents And Athletes


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How Coaches Influence Parents And Athletes
A coach asks:
“How does a coach influence the parents and players to be committed to a process that requires investment in effort, time and money before results are ‘seen’?”
Good question… In our fast-paced lives, kids and parents often expect results right away and are impatient to wait for them…

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Nothing good ever comes from being negative. Nothing! When you consistently put yourself down after a failure or continually catch yourself doing things wrong, then the only “good” you’ll do for yourself is to kill your self-confidence and tighten your muscles. I don’t have to tell you there’s nothing positive in being negative in that way!
You have to learn to systematically train your mind, or your “inner coach” in order to become more positive and supportive…

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