The Will to Compete: A High School Wrestler’s Story + MORE

The Will to Compete: A High School Wrestler’s Story + MORE
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Seven Reasons to Cheer For Iceland

Are you looking for Seven Reasons to Cheer For Iceland? Iceland National team advanced to the Euro Cup quarterfinals with a historic win over England. First time qualifiers for the tournament, Iceland was a big underdog against the heavily favored English team. But as Leicester proved, strange thing.... More »
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This key practice can help you build a positive attitude! + MORE

Nothing good ever comes from being negative. Nothing! When you consistently put yourself down after a failure or continually catch yourself doing things wrong, then the only “good” you’ll do for yourself is to kill your self-confidence and tighten your muscles. I don’t have to tell you the.... More »

Coach Spotlight Series: Chase Wickham on Climbing the Leaderboards

Last newsletter, we learned about Zach Stevenson’s approach to social media, so today’s interview seems like a natural segue to a new topic: climbing the CoachUp Leaderboards. In order to learn more, we chatted with Chase Wickham, one of our CoachUp MVP winners, about his pursuit of the .... More »

CoachUp’s Pump-Up Playlist #2 + MORE

CoachUp’s Pump-Up Playlist #2 About a month ago, we asked some of our most esteemed coaches and employees to weigh in on their favorite pump-up songs. It was a smashing success, so we’re bringing it back for another edition! While your fall sports are nearing the playoff push, it’s.... More »

How to Treat Your Middle School Athlete Like He Should Be Treated

As with every stage of parenting–from sleepless nights to potty training, all the way to setting curfews and paying college bills–there are adjustments you make in how you care for, discipline and relate to your child. And so it is in youth sports. You will not, and should not, treat t-.... More »
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You’ve heard kids say things like, “I need to wear my blue striped boxers under my uniform at the game today in order to do well; that’s what I wore last time we won.”
Or, “I have to eat chocolate chip pancakes before my game today; that’s what I ate last time I was the top scorer.”
Most kids harbor these kinds of ideas…

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 1455912366 1130642486 The Will to Compete: A High School Wrestler’s Story + MOREBryar Hebb is 15 years old from Fredonia, a small farming community in southeast Kansas. He is a farm kid. He has not had an easy road in life. When he was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with Legg-Perthes disease in the right hip. He is in constant pain. He pushed the pain aside because he wanted to play football…

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Lars Anderson of Bleacher Report talked about two stories he’s written recently for the “How I Got the Story” video series. In both, the central figure in the piece had died.
In the Shadow of the Super Bowl is about the grieving family of Don White, a construction worker and lifelong San Francisco 49ers fan who was killed in an accident during the building of Levi’s Stadium…

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Let’s be honest, losing is not fun. Just ask Cam Newton, and thousands of other pro and college players who’ve suffered big losses. How do you parent your child through a loss? Will you help me spread the word about being a positive sports parent? Share this book with sports parents,  Read it yourself, Then…

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