The Will to Compete: A High School Wrestler’s Story + MORE

The Will to Compete: A High School Wrestler’s Story + MORE
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Remembering the Importance of Father’s Day + MORE

by Nick LaSpada More often than not, Father’s Day is lost in gifts and sentimental cards that ultimately hold little meaning over the years. What really counts, at least to me, are the memories that explain your story and the journey of how you made it to this very day. I can remember playing ca.... More »

BOOK REVIEW: HEMORRHOIDS AT HALFTIME -An Insider’s View of High School Athletics

Over the course of my doing my radio show over the years, I have assembled a pretty substantial library of books on sports in this country. Many of these works are written by dedicated individuals who share my passion and concern for what’s happening to kids in sports. And the vast majority of the.... More »

To Play Or Not To Play Youth Sports: That Is The Question + MORE

For parents like me trying to make sense of today’s youth sports landscape, there is a steady stream of new influences and impacts to consider when signing your child up for the next season. We are inundated with information about the risks of contact and non-contact sports such as football, lacr.... More »
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10 Youth Sports Travel Hacks for Parents + MORE

These travel hacks for youth sports parents provide shortcuts and ideas which will make the trip easier. With my daughter playing travel softball, my son playing travel basketball and my youngest playing travel volleyball and basketball, we traveled a lot for youth sports. We probably didn’t d.... More »
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When Will What We Know Change What We Do in Youth Sports? + MORE

“My daughter and I had to miss her grandfather’s funeral when she was 12 for a cheerleading competition.” I had to read that twice to be sure what I was reading. This was an actual comment we received recently on Facebook. We receive a lot of heartbreaking stories from readers, but this one se.... More »
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You’ve heard kids say things like, “I need to wear my blue striped boxers under my uniform at the game today in order to do well; that’s what I wore last time we won.”
Or, “I have to eat chocolate chip pancakes before my game today; that’s what I ate last time I was the top scorer.”
Most kids harbor these kinds of ideas…

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 1455912366 1130642486 The Will to Compete: A High School Wrestler’s Story + MOREBryar Hebb is 15 years old from Fredonia, a small farming community in southeast Kansas. He is a farm kid. He has not had an easy road in life. When he was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with Legg-Perthes disease in the right hip. He is in constant pain. He pushed the pain aside because he wanted to play football…

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Lars Anderson of Bleacher Report talked about two stories he’s written recently for the “How I Got the Story” video series. In both, the central figure in the piece had died.
In the Shadow of the Super Bowl is about the grieving family of Don White, a construction worker and lifelong San Francisco 49ers fan who was killed in an accident during the building of Levi’s Stadium…

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Let’s be honest, losing is not fun. Just ask Cam Newton, and thousands of other pro and college players who’ve suffered big losses. How do you parent your child through a loss? Will you help me spread the word about being a positive sports parent? Share this book with sports parents,  Read it yourself, Then…

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