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Help Kids Be More Mentally Resilient + MORE

The Importance of Resiliency in Youth Sports A sports parent asks, “My children seem to get easily stressed out when things go wrong while playing. Is there anything I can do about this?” The issue your children are facing is common and can be challenging. They could benefit from some tr.... More »

DISCIPLINE ISSUES: An Ongoing Issue for Parents, Coaches, and Kids + MORE

This is a topic that doesn’t seem to be discussed all that much these days. And yet, it’s an issue that continues to be a real concern for coaches, athletic directors, parents, and of course the athletes. I’m talking about the art of disciplining athletes, especially HS and travel team ath.... More »
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Family Sites You Won’t Want to Miss! + MORE

My new book, The Me, Me, Me Epidemic is officially in bookstores now and I am so grateful for the amazing tribe of Un-Entitling Ambassadors — leading parenting experts and brilliant bloggers – who helped me share this book and the Un-Entitling Toolbox with the world. I encourage you t.... More »
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10 Battles for Your Family You Must Fight and Win + MORE

  The people of ancient Galatia (modern day Turkey) lived on a plain that was virtually indefensible, but they managed to survive there for nearly 600 years. How did they do it? Well, when an enemy attacked, they would take their entire family with them to see the battle. Wives and children wo.... More »

The Solution to our Coaching Problem

ONCE AGAIN, recent news brought us a sad story from the world of youth sports. In the Little League World Series for softball, a team from South Snohomish, WA was found to have purposely given less than their best effort in a game, in order to eliminate a potential competitor from the semifinals. Th.... More »
The 2012 film Bully documents five young people and their families over the course of a school year. Stories focus on children, teachers, parents, schools, and the cruel world of the bullied child. The struggle to find answers and to help kids on both sides of the equation raises difficult questions that can’t be avoided…

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As far as I know, no mom has ever tweeted: “Wet sheets again for Kyle. Whole family is exhausted. #Wish bedwetting would stop.”
Toileting problems aren’t openly discussed in our culture. But in my pediatric urology clinic, they’re what I talk about all day long — with distressed parents and with kids who miss out on sleepovers and feel crummy that they can’t stay dry…

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Many of our cherished memories are tied to childhood and music. Today, neuroscience is beginning to understand how music heals the body, influences our emotions, sparks creativity, and even connects us with nature.
From infancy onward, I tried to fill my daughter’s life with melody – from classical to folk music…

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One of the most common and performance-disrupting mental traps that athletes fall into is TRYING TOO HARD. The athlete goes into a tryout, big game or important showcase pressuring themselves to do well. This pressure is always driven by an outcome focus. “I need to win!, Prove to the coach that I should make the team or be starting, or show the college coaches who are watching that I can play at this next level,” etc…

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What’s the difference between “clickbait” and serving the readers by giving them what they want?
Mathew Ingram of GigaOm asked that question last week after reading this fascinating piece at by ethnographer Angèle Christin.
Christin, after studying several newsrooms to try to learn how they’d been changed by the web, concluded that “all media sites now rely on web analytics to make editorial decisions…

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