The Secret to Helping Your Child Defeat Discouragement + MORE

The Secret to Helping Your Child Defeat Discouragement + MORE

3 Life Skills that Playing Sports will Teach Your Child

This post is sponsored by Genius of Play, a one-stop source for play ideas that build real skills. Perhaps you’ve heard over and over about the life skills that playing sports will teach your child. I believe very strongly that it offers a golden opportunity for parents and coaches to help d.... More »
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How to Eat Healthy and Save Money When Traveling for Youth Sports + MORE

Have you figured out how to eat healthy when going to games and tournaments? Let’s be real. Life in busy sports families means that something has to give.What is that “something” for you? For many, mealtimes seem to suffer the most neglect. Travel teams and late afternoon or early.... More »

8 Things Youth Sports Officials Want Parents to Know + MORE

Youth sports officials are probably some of the most abused people on the planet. They are under strict scrutiny by over-protective parents, dedicated fans, and very competitive athletes and coaches. They are insulted, attacked, blamed, and harassed. It’s a wonder they don’t quit. I thin.... More »

WOC #19 Sam Walker, Best Selling Author of The Captain Class, The counterintuitive leadership qualities of the men and women who led the greatest teams of all time. + MORE

What do the Collingwood Magpies, the New Zealand All Blacks, Barcelona Football Club and the New York Yankees have in common? They’re all members of author Sam Walker’s list of the 16 greatest sports teams ever. It’s not the talent, the coach, or the strategy that made these teams great –.... More »
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How Parents Can Encourage Kids Without Pressure

How to Avoid Pressuring Young Athletes A sports parent asks: “When should children be encouraged to push through the hard times and when is it okay for them to just take a break?” At a certain point in your children’s athletic careers, all parents must ask themselves this questionR.... More »
In part 1 of this 2-part series, I shared some of the common causes of stress and nervousness, how to bring awareness to the changes that happen in your unique body when you become nervous, and heard a collective sigh of relief when I shared how some nervousness is actually a good thing!
Now that you’ve made a mental note of where you fall on the nervousness scale, we can take the next step of actually addressing the different ways that  nervousness can fall out of the range of what is helpful and energizing in a positive way…

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This post is sponsored by Shannon McDougall, author of Beginning Mental Training Skills, a  program that trains athletes to deal with anxiety and disappointment in youth sports.  It’s not fun to watch  your child get discouraged when playing sports. Unfortunately, we can’t give our kids “bounce back” pills, like we give him tylenol or advil for his…

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Top 5 Most Inspirational Sports Coaches of All-Time Thanks to March Madness, we’re in the thick of sports luxury right now! Of course, spring training is in full swing and the NBA + NHL playoffs are right around the corner, but who are the best coaches? In order to celebrate this influx of athletic competition, we’re examining the […] The post Top 5 Most Inspirational Sports Coaches of All-Time appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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