The Secret to Helping Your Child Defeat Discouragement + MORE

The Secret to Helping Your Child Defeat Discouragement + MORE

10 Things Every Sports Parent Must Have

Dear Sports parent, let me start by saying this: I am not writing this post for any advertisers. I’m not using any affiliate links. This information is purely based on 21 years of sports parenting, on what I did have, and what I wished I had. Let me save you the agony of trying to...Read .... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: Why Running Track is Good for Your Child in So Many Ways

In what has become something of a tradition on NYC Marathon Sunday, I like to spend an hour talking on the air with long-time running coach, Joel Pasternack who is based in northern New Jersey. Joel is a veteran of many marathons, having competed and done very well in his races back in the day. I li.... More »

A Thank You to All the Fathers in CoachUp Nation

A Thank You to All the Fathers in CoachUp Nation Last month, we detailed our favorite and most unique Mother’s Day gift ideas, but now it’s time to shine a light on the second half of your dynamic duo: the father. To many young athletes, their father is ultimately one of their first coac.... More »

5 Tips for Effectively Confronting a Coach

Confronting a coach is not a habit that I advocate when a parent is unhappy with playing time, position, or even coaching strategy. But I know that there will be times when you feel you must do it anyway for one of those purposes, or even for a reason that has nothing to do with...Read More &#.... More »
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Do’s And Don’ts Of Supplements For Young Athletes + MORE

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Supplement use in high school aged athletes is very common, especially amongst male athletes Whenever possible get your “supplement” from food first, for exa.... More »
In part 1 of this 2-part series, I shared some of the common causes of stress and nervousness, how to bring awareness to the changes that happen in your unique body when you become nervous, and heard a collective sigh of relief when I shared how some nervousness is actually a good thing!
Now that you’ve made a mental note of where you fall on the nervousness scale, we can take the next step of actually addressing the different ways that  nervousness can fall out of the range of what is helpful and energizing in a positive way…

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This post is sponsored by Shannon McDougall, author of Beginning Mental Training Skills, a  program that trains athletes to deal with anxiety and disappointment in youth sports.  It’s not fun to watch  your child get discouraged when playing sports. Unfortunately, we can’t give our kids “bounce back” pills, like we give him tylenol or advil for his…

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Top 5 Most Inspirational Sports Coaches of All-Time Thanks to March Madness, we’re in the thick of sports luxury right now! Of course, spring training is in full swing and the NBA + NHL playoffs are right around the corner, but who are the best coaches? In order to celebrate this influx of athletic competition, we’re examining the […] The post Top 5 Most Inspirational Sports Coaches of All-Time appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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