The Pressure at Work is Overwhelming + MORE

The Pressure at Work is Overwhelming + MORE
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3 Strategies for Parenting Competitive Twins (Or Siblings Close in Age) + MORE

Twins… double the love, the fun, and the joy! But sometimes twins can be double the trouble – or at least that’s how it feels when sibling competition kicks into high gear and you’re trying to manage the chaos in “stereo.” And it’s not just twins. Parents with siblings close in a.... More »
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Tips for Helping Athletes Transfer Sports Skills to Life

We all talk about the importance of transferring the skills kids learn in sports to other areas of their lives. But how exactly can we expedite that process? Megan Bartlett, chief program officer for Up2Us—who oversees the training of coaches in sports-based youth development—gave us some great .... More »

All the King’s Horses

Editor’s Note: Sports Feel Good Stories is proud to include an excerpt from Barry Milazzo’s All the King’s Men – Finding Purpose and Hope in Brokenness and Impossibility. Book Background Barry Milazzo’s son Bryson suffered a catastrophic medical brain injury after his 8.... More »

When Your Child is a Sore Loser

Does you child have a hard time when he or she loses? For more on losing: Losing Etiquette: 9 Rules for Sports Parents 4 Steps for Losing Correctly Learn about my 4-step plan for being a positive sports parent.          Related Stories6 words every young athl.... More »

School Is Where Teens Get Exercise, But It's Not Enough, Study Says + MORE

Even though adolescents spend less than 5 percent of their time at school engaging in physical activity, according to a new study, such time accounts for almost half of their overall exercise, and was still 20 minutes than the amount experts recommend. Researchers looked at data from 549 healthy .... More »

In two days, espnW and the Aspen Institute Sports & Society Project will co-host an espnW: Women + Sports Summit at which they will report the results of a survey in which a nationally representative sample of moms were asked what they wanted and needed for their kids from youth sports. At the conclusion of the summit, a group of thought leaders will react to the survey findings and explore issues facing both moms and their daughters in sports during a Project Play roundtable …

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flag football tournaments 1412821673 86765853 The Pressure at Work is Overwhelming + MOREWhen it comes to the quarterback position in the NFL, there are 3 QBs who stand out consistently as the cream of the crop:  Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning. Whether it’s reading a defense’s complex blitzing scheme or leading their respective teams to a score in the last 2 minutes of a game, you can’t go wrong with these 3 leaders…

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If you’ve ever read academic writing, you know it’s terrible, turgid, boring, obtuse, opaque and generally horrendous. And if you’re anything like me, you really don’t care why that is. So a Chronicle of Higher Education piece headlined Why Academics Stink at Writing ought to be of no interest…

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The email hits your inbox and fills you with dread. The results shown on the attached spreadsheet are not surprising, but still tough to view. Your sales numbers are low for the third quarter in a row. Seeing your name at the bottom of the sales team is unsettling. The work ethic, activity, and best practices have been there, but people just aren’t buying…

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youth football tournaments 1412821677 1016471361 The Pressure at Work is Overwhelming + MOREOne of the biggest reasons for conflict in relationships is unmet expectations. And in youth sports, it is no different. Parents expect things from their kids who play sports— things that the child may not be ready or able to deliver.
We should be hoping for the best for our kids. We should express our belief in them…

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