The Open Championship Preview + MORE

The Open Championship Preview + MORE
kids football tournaments 1421665226 2145215136 The Open Championship Preview + MORE

WHEN THE CHEERING STOPS: How Do You Prepare for the End of Your Child’s Playing Days? + MORE

It’s a topic that isn’t discussed, but whether we like it or not, we will all have to come to grips with it at some point. In short, what does a sports parent do when a youngster’s sports career comes to an end? For most athletes, that day will be the very last game that they play .... More »

A SmartTeams Talk: Enacting Pro-Active Policies To Prevent Sudden Death in Youth Sports Presents Challenges, Says KSI's Casa

  The Korey Stringer Institute's Douglas J. Casa, Ph.D., ATC argues that youth sports safety policies need to be developed and implemented by sports medicine professionals, not athletic administrators, notes that the level of risk of catastrophic sports injury unfortunately depends largely .... More »
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The Ugly Truth Of Skin And Soft Tissue Infections In Young Athletes + MORE

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Skin and soft tissue infections have become increasingly common amongst athletes, including at the high school and adolescent sport ages These infections can hav.... More »

WOC #24 Tom Bates, Head of Performance Psychology and Culture for Aston Villa FC , It’s often not what we say in coaching, but what we do that teaches them the most + MORE

What would your team look like if you let them shape and drive the culture, and if you loved them first as people before you ever tried to be coach? Would they be more like the bad news bears instead of Barcelona? If you said the bad news bears, you are dead wrong. In this The post WOC #24 Tom Bates.... More »
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Say Thank You to Your Kids + MORE

  “Thank you” Those two words are some of the most powerful words you can say to your kids. My guess is we can all say that a little more. And I’m not talking about only when they do something you’ve asked them to do. I’m talking about thanking them just for being .... More »
When I look back at childhood, I think about my decisions when I came into my adolescence. The early years were perfectly happy and normal, but the later years led me to places that make me cringe when I think back on it. I can pinpoint the triggers that caused the good and bad choices. But a 10-year-old boy has no ability to understand what is happening in the moment…

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junior football tournaments 1405470452 774005972 The Open Championship Preview + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

A recent scientific study showed that young growing athletes with open growth plates can successfully undergo ACL surgery with no risk to bone growth, and high success rates for return to sports
Return to unrestricted sports took about 13 months on average in this study
I would encourage the young athlete to consider “all inside” ACL reconstruction to avoid possible damage to the growth plates

The ACL is a main stabilizing ligament in the knee, and most athletes with a torn ACL will require surgery to rebuild (otherwise known as “reconstruct”) the ACL if their goal is to return to jumping, cutting, sprinting, and pivoting sports…

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The Open Championship Preview


youth flag football tournaments 1405470458 1247172594 The Open Championship Preview + MOREIn 2006, Tiger Woods decided to play the British Open at Royal Liverpool Golf Club hitting only one driver the entire tournament. That year, the temperatures were in the 80s and there was very little rain, which made the fairways firm and dry causing the ball to roll over one hundred yards. Woods knew that if he hit his driver he would lose precision and it would lead to big numbers, thus he was more aggressive in his approach and used many irons hoping to hit his fairways…

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My virtual friend Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk wrote an interesting post late last month in which he argued that generalist columnists are “a vanishing breed. Probably for good reason.”
I don’t entirely agree with him. I think there’s still a place for the generalist. But it’s a very small place…

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New Jersey Legislation Guarantees Equal Opportunity for
Student-Athletes With Disabilities
By Doug Abrams
Bipartisanship is often in short supply these days, but on June 19 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed an important bill that had passed both houses of the state legislature without a single negative vote…

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youth sports 1405470467 163534419 The Open Championship Preview + MOREJuly 4th celebrates the American way. It’s a day that is often celebrated in backyards with friends, family, and of course some great American food. The 4th may have come and gone this summer, but the family fun does not stop there. In New England there are plenty of hidden gems for entertaining activities that are also quite cheap…

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The Real Riches and Virtues in Sport


junior football tournaments 1405470454 15241993 The Open Championship Preview + MOREEditor’s Note:  We’re happy to present “The Real Riches and Virtues in Sport,” an article written for Sports Feel Good Stories by Jack Bowen, philosophy teacher and author.
The Real Riches and Virtues in Sport
By Jack Bowen
Sport ethicists have a great time piecing together foundations of moral theory and applying it to the myriad grey areas of actions within the surprisingly abstract arena of sport…

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