The Nemesis In The Goal

The Nemesis In The Goal

How to Manage the 5 Biggest Headaches of Youth Sports + MORE

For most parents, the biggest headaches in youth sports have nothing to do with playing time or a coach that plays your child in a position that you don’t like. The biggest headaches are the things that take up your time and energy and can potentially derail a smooth season. You know them well if..... More »
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Looking for a Good Pair of Youth Sports Cleats? Here’s the Top Sellers + MORE

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Triumphant Victory Quotes to Inspire a Win

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CoachUp Roundtable: Athletic Beards, Soccer in the USA, and Instagramming Food + MORE

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Sports Award Certificates + MORE

Go To Sports Award Certificates The post Sports Award Certificates appeared first on Sports Feel Good Stories. .... More »

The Nemesis In The Goal


kids football tournaments 1429185621 1566734895 The Nemesis In The GoalI despised him, and him me, or so we thought. He was a nemesis without my ever defining him as such. All because of a game. And yet, given a few years and unique circumstances, he became a dear friend, even standing next to me years later at my wedding. All because of that same game.
I attended Stanford, recruited as a water polo goalie…

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