The Mizzou protests showed changing views of the media and privacy + MORE

The Mizzou protests showed changing views of the media and privacy + MORE

You Are What You Eat: Tom Brady’s Unusual Diet + MORE

As the New England Patriots, and our good friend Julian Edelman, are preparing for another deep NFL Playoff run, a major part of Tom Brady’s training was revealed this week on In an exclusive interview, they sat down with Allen Campbell, the Brady family chef, and detailed what th.... More »
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How to Talk to Other Sports Parents About Being a Good Sport + MORE

Communicating With Other Sports Parents A parent asks, “How do you talk to other parents about being good sports parents?” This is a good question. Too often, well-meaning sports parents are too loud on the sidelines, argue with the refs and coaches, and overall, set bad examples for their chil.... More »

When Your Athlete is Too Hard on Him/Herself + MORE

Got a child who is a perfectionist? Who comes home too hard on him or herself after making mistakes in a game or practice? Who always focuses on what went wrong instead of what went right? Is your child struggling with being too hard on him or herself? Are you at a loss to know...Read More .... More »

Help Your Young Athlete PAY ATTENTION! + MORE

Does your young athlete PAY ATTENTION? Kids have a knack for not paying attention. Whether in school, at practice, or at home, they often  let their minds wander away from whatever it is they are supposed to be focused on. Maturity, however, will help them outgrow the tendency to be easily distrac.... More »

How the Hard Work of Youth Sports is Still Fun

This post is sponsored by Genius of Play, a one-stop source for play ideas that build real skills. There is rarely anything fun about the hard work of youth sports. Although hard work and fun can co-exist in youth sports, let’s not sugar coat the sweat, the sore muscles, and the exhaustion that yo.... More »
Wahoo! At long last, in amongst lawsuits and plenty of passionate discussion, the United States Soccer Federation has announced new safety regulations that will help protect the brains of our youngest generation of players. If you’ve been disconnected from recent news, there’s been growing concern over head injuries in contact sports, from the youth level all […] The post US Soccer Takes Major Step Towards Minimizing Traumatic Head Injuries appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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Has your fall season come to an end? I hope it was a good season, but if it was not,  you can guide your child to move on in a way that does not waste the experience. Nominate a coach, volunteer, or parent for the November Positive Youth Sports Award! Take just a minute and nominate…Read More
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 1447488540 845338091 The Mizzou protests showed changing views of the media and privacy + MORE
While racism and threats to the physical safety of black students are the most important issues amid the unrest at the University of Missouri, a controversy around the rights and responsibilities of the media has lingered all week.
As you know, the chancellor of the University of Missouri and the president of the state system resigned amid growing protests over the administration’s slow and tone-deaf response to a series of racist incidents and what black students say is an unsafe and hostile atmosphere for them on campus…

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