The Incredibly Massive Importance of Play + MORE

The Incredibly Massive Importance of Play + MORE

CoachUp Roundtable: Athletic Beards, Soccer in the USA, and Instagramming Food + MORE

CoachUp Roundtable: Athletic Beards, Soccer in the USA, and Instagramming Food As promised, CoachUp is dedicated to bringing you fresh ideas in content each and every day — so, we’re trying something totally new: the CoachUp Roundtable! We’ll grab a couple new people and gab about .... More »

Top Performing 2015-2016 NFL Teams + MORE

Top Performing 2015-2016 NFL Teams The 2015-16 NFL season is underway, and (with 11 weeks under the belt) enough time has passed to draw some conclusions about standings. There’s been a number of memorable games, including the victory of the Cincinnati Bengals over the Seattle Seahawks (27-24). Th.... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: The Two Fundamental Keys to Athletic Success

I tell ambitious sports parents all the time that in order for their child to become a top professional athlete, they need only two ingredients: God-given talent, and a superior drive to compete. While that may sound overly simplistic, the truth is, in my experience in sports, you can often find a y.... More »

10 Things Every Sports Parent Must Have

Dear Sports parent, let me start by saying this: I am not writing this post for any advertisers. I’m not using any affiliate links. This information is purely based on 21 years of sports parenting, on what I did have, and what I wished I had. Let me save you the agony of trying to...Read .... More »
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COACHING TIPS: Are the Days of Yelling and Screaming Over? + MORE

Absolutely fascinating discussion this AM on “The Sports Edge” on WFAN Sports Radio. The subject? Have we reached a juncture where coaches who rely upon screaming and yelling have become, well, outdated? The opinons poured in from callers. Among the highlights: > “Coaches need t.... More »
A few weeks ago hundreds of thousands of people converged on New York City for the Super Bowl. Each year no matter where it is held, it is a huge event. It is also a huge opportunity. A huge opportunity for those in the business of human trafficking.

The average age a teen enters the sex trade in the U…

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Each year, thousands of children are kidnapped for the purpose of prostitution and pornography. Oftentimes, this happens right under our nose and we are none the wiser. This short video clip highlights the horror of human trafficking and how it happens.

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nfl flag football tournament 1394027335 1333923053 The Incredibly Massive Importance of Play + MOREThe Big Lead has an interview with Jeff Pearlman, who has just released “Showtime,” a book about the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers.
It’s a good read because Pearlman, a former Sports Illustrated writer who has also written books about Walter Payton, the ’90s Dallas Cowboys, Roger Clemons, Barry Bonds and the 1986 New York Mets, talks about his process of conceiving, researching and writing a book…

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The Incredibly Massive Importance of Play


Let me be blunt and scream this from the rooftop: the best athletes PLAY sports. They don’t work them, they play them. When sport becomes more work than play, athletes struggle, they grind, and if they cannot get back to playing instead of working, they eventually drop out. From youth to pros, when the fun […

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