The Greatest Fictional Coach Bracket: Final Four + MORE

The Greatest Fictional Coach Bracket: Final Four + MORE
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The Most Intimidating Pre-Game Ritual in Sports: the Haka Dance + MORE

What the Yankees are to baseball, the New Zealand All Blacks are to rugby. In addition to an impressive history of victories, the All Blacks bring the most intimidating pre-game ritual in all of sports with their Haka Dance. Imagine you’re a rugby player from another country, and you’re .... More »


As a sports parent, what do you say to your youngster who has just experienced “the agony of defeat” for the first time in their very young career? That kind of parental experience  inspired sportswriter Sam Weinman to write a new book with the provocative title, WIN AT LOSING: How Our .... More »
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Growing Pains or Osgood-Schlatter + MORE

By Dev Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points:   Overuse injuries related to growth spurts are common in certain sports, especially sports involving jumping, sprinting, and rapid changes of direction Osgoo.... More »

What’s Your Family’s Summertime Strategy?

Summertime brings vacations, camps, lots of outdoor fun, and of course, the inevitable sound of your child saying, “I’m bored!” I do not advocate filling every moment of your child’s summer; in fact, I think “boredom” every now and then is good for kids because it.... More »
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Helping Youth Baseball Players Deal with Failure

Strategies to Help Sports Kids Overcome Failure Fear of failure affects sports children in all types of sports, but can be especially challenging in baseball, says Nova Newcomer, executive director, Friends of Baseball, in Portland, Oregon. “The tough challenge with baseball is it’s a failur.... More »
It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The air is crisp, decorations are going up, and a fire is blazing in the fireplace. I can’t think of anything about this season that I don’t like. There is something about the Christmas season that immediately brings back the excitement and innocence of childhood…

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I routinely jot down coaching tips and insights that I find to be both inspirational and instructional when it comes to working with young athletes, and every so often, I like to post these thoughts on this website in the hope that one or two of these tips might be of some use to you. Here, in no particular order, are from my latest batch:
COACHING TIP #1: When I was the head baseball coach at Mercy College, in my first couple of years, I would of course watch every pitch of the game, shout out encouragement to my players, and in short, try very hard to be an upbeat, positive coach all the time…

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A comprehensive survey by the Korey Stringer Institute of U.S. high schools finds that, while only 60-65% of U.S. high schools have a certified athletic trainer at games and practices, the actual percentage of high school athletes working with an ATC on a daily basis is much higher – between 85 and 90% - because the vast majority of large high schools have an ATC,
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Do you feel like the craziness of youth sports has gone too far to recover? Sports parents tell me all the time about the craziness in youth sports. Coaches, parents, players, and leagues have turned a kid’s game into an adult circus. When I think of “change” in youth sports, it appears overwhelming, a huge mountain that…

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flag football tournament 1417463881 812408731 The Greatest Fictional Coach Bracket: Final Four + MOREThe Bracket: Week 2 Results (SEE FULL BRACKET)
The third week is complete in our search for the greatest fictional coach of all time. We had some more interesting matchups this go round. Four coaches are left. Who will move on to the championship round?
Voting Continues Below

Gordon Bombay (1) vs…

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