The College Program…Creating a Social Change + MORE

The College Program…Creating a Social Change + MORE

2018 Minnesota High School All Hockey Hair Team for Out-of-Staters

The 2018 Minnesota High School All Hockey Hair Team Video has been out for a couple of days now. For the last 8 years, the Minnesota High School All Hockey Hair Team videos have been a national treasure. Released in March each year after the Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament, the announcement .... More »

CTE: Media Continues To Be Ahead Of Science + MORE

The prevailing media narrative is that concussions or repetitive subconcussive blows "cause" chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), that CTE "causes" former athletes to commit suicide, and such causal links are proven scientific fact. read more.... More »

Extended Stay America for Team Travel

When I ask my daughter what her favorite memories of her high schools sports years were, she always says the travel. She can’t tell you whether they won their competition or not, but she can tell you all about the team bonding, late night chat sessions with her teammates and the team dinners. .... More »
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Enjoy the Moment and Don’t Blink + MORE

  It was a beautiful morning as I walked into the office after the weekend. I was relieved, but also deeply concerned. After a scare in my wife’s pregnancy, the doctors put her on bed rest for several months. She couldn’t work and our income was cut in half. “How are we going to make it?.... More »

ACCOUNTABILITY WITH ATHLETES: Learning A Key Lesson from John Wooden

I asked Chris McCarthy, the highly-regarded and long-time Athletic Director at John Jay HS in Cross River, NY to come on my show this AM to talk about the issue of Accountability with HS student-athletes. I did this because of the ongoing controversy that was sparked by last week’s show about .... More »
By Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

Men’s Journal author Daniel Duane provides an interesting and provocative commentary on “getting fit”, you can listen to the CaptainU podcast below. Some of his points are:
The gym is your enemy- best to work with free weights on the periphery of the gym and avoid the various machines highlighted in the middle
Five key lifting activities will provide the greatest return for your effort: squat, deadlift, pushup, pullup, bench press
You can lift and train far less often than you think, as long as you are smart about using the key lifts…

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With the cost of college rising each year, St. Louis father and son duo, Tim and James Twellman created The College Program.

The College Program provides services and programs to help families and students decide what school is the right choice for college.

And more significantly, what school financially makes sense…

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Alexandra & Assoc


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I live in the racing capitol of the world, Indianapolis. This time of year, the buzz in this area is about the Indianapolis 500…one of the biggest racing events in the world.
There is also another major racing event which happens about 90 minutes south of here in Louisville, the Kentucky Derby…

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When you think of sports you automatically think of the physical actions it takes to do perform the various moves and plays. Being athletic, physically gifted, and talented plays a big part.
But after you reach a certain level, everybody is athletic, gifted, and talented physically. But not everybody is mentally tough or exceeds at the emotional parts of playing sports…

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NYU journalism professor and media critic Jay Rosen took part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything this week, and as you might expect, several of his answers should be very interesting to students or early-career journalists.
Rosen, who has about 137,000 followers on Twitter, is an advisor to the news startup First Look Media, which was founded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and features writing stars such as Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi…

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