The Big Lead surveys sports media pros on the impact of Twitter

The Big Lead surveys sports media pros on the impact of Twitter

Stafan Fatsis on how access is playing out in the NFL’s troubles + MORE

This Slate piece by Stefan Fatsis is about how the NFL’s recent actions have caused the league to lose “its most loyal reporters,” but it also has some insights into the meaning of access, a subject we’ve discussed a lot in this space. “Roger Goodell and the NFL thought.... More »

DANGERS OF HAZING: What Will Happen in Sayreville, NJ – A Scary Proposition for All Involved + MORE

TROUBLE IN SAYREVILLE                                  By Steve Kallas   By now you probably know that seven members of the Sayreville High School varsity football team have been arrested and charged with serious crimes in the alleged sexual assaults of at least four.... More »
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Ankle Braces Can Reduce The Number Of Ankle Sprains In Football And Basketball + MORE

Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University   Brian Cole, M.D. Head Team Physician, Chicago Bulls Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Rush University, Chicago, IL Key Points: There is good evidence that lace-up ankle b.... More »

Is “Fear of Missing Out” Ruining Youth Sports?

I remember the day I coached my son TJ’s first soccer game. He was only five, and I was so proud, so excited, and couldn’t wait for him to play the game I loved. There was one problem. He didn’t want to play. When the game was about to start, he said, “Dad I don’t The post Is &.... More »
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Sports Illustrated panel: Female sports reporters under 30 talk about their careers + MORE

I find the “media panels” that Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch hosts fascinating and illuminating. Deitsch occasionally convenes roundtable discussions, via email, among working pros on topics in sports media. This week, in response to the news that 28-year-old Katie Nolan w.... More »
The Big Lead “surveyed 54 sports media twitter users anonymously about their thoughts and consumption” of the social-media platform, and the results are pretty interesting.
Writer Ty Duffy spends three times as many words talking about “What is wrong with Twitter?” as he does on “What is right with Twitter?” That makes the piece feel more negative than what Duffy reports are the findings of the Big Lead’s survey…

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