The 6 Myths About Men + MORE

The 6 Myths About Men + MORE
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The Open Championship Preview + MORE

In 2006, Tiger Woods decided to play the British Open at Royal Liverpool Golf Club hitting only one driver the entire tournament. That year, the temperatures were in the 80s and there was very little rain, which made the fairways firm and dry causing the ball to roll over one hundred yards. Woods kn.... More »

Coach Spotlight Series: Getting Coached Up With Brandon Ball

CoachUp Featured on NECN! A few weeks ago, CoachUp was lucky enough to be featured on NECN’s CEO Corner so we could dish on our company, goals, and achievements. If you haven’t checked out the first video with our very own John Kelley, head here to watch that in all its glory! However, .... More »

TRAVEL TEAMS: The End of HS Sports Is Upon Us….

For years I’ve been preaching about the approaching end of traditional high school varsity sports, and I really do think “the end is near.” Who to blame? The lure and seduction of travel teams. It’s happening right now as US Soccer Academy and other travel soccer programs al.... More »

Why I Love Fantasy Football + MORE

There are so many reasons to love Fantasy Football. I thought I’d create my own list. Before that, would you believe that Fantasy Football started in the 1960s? In 1962, Wilfred “Bill the Gill” Winkenbach, an Oakland-based businessman and part owner of the Raiders developed an orga.... More »

Summer Camp Benefits Kids In Lots Of Ways + MORE

  By Greg Parker When I discuss camp with parents, many don't know why a sleep-away summer camp is so valuable for kids. Some suggest that their children have their own summer camp at home, meaning they go to a lake house or have lots of fun stuff to do. That's great for their kids.... More »

Coaching Resource of the Month — January 2014


Over the past few months, I have really enjoyed reading Jeff Mitchell’s blog about coaching development called Coach Growth. Jeff is a community coach developer in New Zealand. He covers many topics in his blog including:

Mentoring of sport coaches
Driving your own development as a coach (multi-part series)
Developing talent

You can also follow Jeff on Twitter…

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The 6 Myths About Men


Traditional values and gender roles are being flipped upside down. We live in a very confusing age. And that is most likely not going to change any time soon. Yet, certain myths and stereotypes remain firmly entrenched in our culture. Things like, “Men never show emotion” and “Men don’t require affection…

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On Wednesday, January 29, 2014, during Super Bowl XLVIII Week, I will be participating in a panel discussion at the second annual Coalition for Concussion Treatment (#C4CT) Concussion Awareness Summit to be held this year at the United Nations in New York City.   
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national youth football championships 1389638719 934917691 The 6 Myths About Men + MOREBeing a journalism major isn’t a prerequisite to working in the media industry, and as King Kaufman noted in a post last week, you’ll find plenty of journalists who majored in something else.
It’s also true that your education and your career don’t have to be on the exact same path, but it makes a lot of sense if they do…

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