The 11 Best Mental Toughness Products from Dr. G + MORE

The 11 Best Mental Toughness Products from Dr. G + MORE
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4 Ways to Raise an Empathy Rich Child + MORE

Guest Post by Katie Hurley, LCSW Six months ago, I took my eight-year-old daughter on a road trip to San Francisco. It was her first trip to the area and she researched the city to find the best spots to visit. The list was long and we didn’t stand a chance of completing it in two days, but she.... More »
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Foot and Ankle Injuries in Ballet + MORE

By Adam Bitterman DO and Simon Lee, MD Rush University Medical Center Foot and Ankle Section Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Foot and ankle injuries are extremely common amongst those participating in dance activities. Those impacting the lower extremity account for roughly 65-80% of all dancer in.... More »
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In-Season Shoulder Dislocation: Can You Return To Play With A Brace? + MORE

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Shoulder dislocation in a young athlete who is in-season can sometimes be managed without surgery, allowing the athlete to complete the season Proper rehabilitat.... More »

COLLEGE RECRUITING: How to Prevent Your Athlete Making a Bad Choice of College

I have long subscribed to a theory – and I will tell you up front I have no numbers or research to prove this – so it’s just a hunch – but over the years, I have witnessed too many top HS athletes go on to college with huge sports expectations….only to become disillusioned when they ar.... More »

COACHING TIPS: Learning from Pro Athletes Who Are Sports Parents Too

 Decorum and Fun: Advice From the Pinnacle For Youth Leaguers’ Parents  By Doug Abrams One Sunday morning in late February, University of South Carolina men’s basketball coach Frank Martin arrived a few minutes early for his 10-year-old son’s basketball game. Near the end of the prior 9-yea.... More »
Many of the athletes, coaches, sports clubs, and organizations I’ve worked with over the years know me through live interaction or public speaking events. This personal approach has been the foundation of my work and has allowed me to experience the full range of challenges and achievements to test the most effective concepts in mental toughness and peak performance…

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national youth football championships 1444944676 1387967985 The 11 Best Mental Toughness Products from Dr. G + MOREFor so long, we’ve gone to great lengths to give you the videos, resources, and tools you need to succeed as an athlete, coach, or parent. But, have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at CoachUp? Starting today, we’re introducing one of our favorite series yet, the CoachUp Team Spotlight! Each week, you’ll get a fun, in-depth look at the people that make this company tick! First up, we’ve got Jess Fadale, one of CoachUp’s proud Patriots fans and local yoga master…

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