Terry Ott: 3rd Down, CTE to go – Part 5 + MORE

Terry Ott: 3rd Down, CTE to go – Part 5 + MORE

When Sports Parents SHOULD Butt In

As the words in Ecclesiastes 3 say, “There is a time for everything,” and that is especially true for sports parents. There IS a time to butt in….          Related Stories8 Things Every Soccer Parent Needs to KnowHow to Deal with a Negative .... More »
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How to Stop Procrastinating? Draw on Your Personal Strengths!

Parents who would like to help their children learn how to stop procrastinating and start achieving their greatest goals are invited to share this article with them, and chat about it, too. It’s written to help children and teens understand and manage their avoidance behaviors. Hopefully it will .... More »

Marathons Are Tough On The Heart, But Training Helps + MORE

Now that it’s mid-April, thousands of amateur runners are realizing the time has come to get serious about their Spring marathon training plans.  The easier 4-6 mile weekday jogs increase quickly into 10-15 mile weekend long runs.  For those new to endurance distances, this jump in milea.... More »


As a sports parent, what do you say to your youngster who has just experienced “the agony of defeat” for the first time in their very young career? That kind of parental experience  inspired sportswriter Sam Weinman to write a new book with the provocative title, WIN AT LOSING: How Our .... More »

Drinking On A Schedule Not The Same As Encouraging Young Athletes To Over-Drink, Experts Say + MORE

  A new article in the New York Times quotes Kevin Miller, an associate professor of athletic training at Central Michigan University and MomsTEAM contributor as saying that "'best advice' about how to keep young athletes healthy during warm-weather practices 'is common sense.'&q.... More »
This continuing “Guest Series” is being authored by Terry Ott and will delve into the Canadian Football League and the issues revolving around it and brain injury.  His process began nearly a year ago, but Mr. Ott picked up some steam with the release of“League of Denial”.  He has since found himself running into dead-ends and basically […]

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 1389814991 737759857 Terry Ott: 3rd Down, CTE to go – Part 5 + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
If you live in the U.S. and have even a passing interest in the upcoming Winter Olympics then you’ve seen her by now- Mikaela Shiffrin.  The 18-year-old skier currently living in Colorado has become the youngest American World Cup winner in history…

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Meet Coach Corey H.! Corey is an experienced basketball player out of Sacramento who has coached high school and junior high basketball. He loves basketball and became a coach to stay involved with the sport. He wants to share his knowledge of the game and help athletes reach their goals.
Tell us about your experience with basketball…

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You have probably read a lot already about the new reality television series, Friday Night Tykes (FNT) which premieres tonight on the Esquire Network.  

Like many of those who have weighed in so far, I am troubled, to put it mildly, about what it says about youth football, San Antonio, Texas-style…

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100 years from now, will what you’re doing matter?  This simple question easily puts things into perspective as we go about our daily lives.  It isn’t the car we drive, or the amount of money we have, or even the size of the house we live in that matters- all these things will eventually fade away…

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junior football tournaments 1389814994 105688728 Terry Ott: 3rd Down, CTE to go – Part 5 + MOREThe score is tied, the last seconds are winding down on the clock, and 13 year-old Easton Gamoke finds himself with the ball in his hands.  The biggest problem?  His target is the full length of the court away from him.  With no time to advance the ball further, he launches a baseball throw shot.
Miraculously, the ball goes in and his Winona YMCA Runnin’ Rebels get the win…

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In the NFL we have publicly disclosed injuries, including concussions, so we can (and have) track the numbers that are reported to see if there is a change in outcomes.  Certainly there are flaws with the reporting system as we have discussed many times but at least we can get a set of consistent numbers […]

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You ever find yourself reading something, thinking, “I know that,” and then skimming until you find new information?
What if you could write so that none of your readers ever did that?
Well, you can’t. That’s because there’s no way to know what every one of your readers know…

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